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Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos Pink Ribbon Collection Review

When I first heard about Violent Lips, I was immediately interested!  Having never tried them before, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try them for myself!  Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was some kind of magic lipstick that could leave an actual print or design on your lips?  Well, with Violent Lips, you can do just that!  Seriously!  Since this is October, I received the opportunity to try out their Pink Ribbon Collection designed by makeup artist Katie Alves.  The package includes three really cute, fun designs that of course shows your support for breast cancer!

Important Note!  For every Limited Edition Pink Ribbon Collection purchase, Violent Lips will donate $2.00 to the National Breast Cancer Coalition!!!  Just check out the three designs below!

Are those cute or what?!  I really like all three but I LOVE the plaid design!  So, what exactly are Violent Lips you might ask?  They are temporary lip tattoos!  This allows you to get a really cute, adorable, fashionable, or downright the hottest lips in your town!  Instead of wearing lipstick, you can have this!

A package of them includes three applications.  Applying them is pretty easy and I didn’t have many problems doing it myself the very first time I tried.  The first time I did it, there was a little area that I didn’t get matched up right (nothing too noticeable) but I covered it up by just filling in that little part with a matching color of lipstick.

To start, you punch out the top and bottom lip shaped tattoos.  You line them up with your lips so that you can measure where you need to cut them to fit your lips.  There are lines on the back of them to easily guide you.  Then after you make your measurements, you take the plastic backing off of them and you place the now sticky design side against your lip.  It will stick but you may have to adjust it as you apply your wet cloth over the tattoo.  After you apply the wet cloth all over it, gently pull it away reavealing your very cool new lips!  Check out the video below for a great how to!

You should definitely apply them to dry lips, that’s for certain because they may not stick well if they aren’t dry.  One thing that I did notice though is that the smoother your lips are, the better.  This is because if you have dry lips, cracks or creases may show up after applying them.  The second time around using them, I used chapstick or lip balm, left it on my lips for a little bit and made sure to wipe it away when I was ready to apply my Violent Lips.

I didn’t notice any kind of tightness or anything with them either.  It’s like they stretch with your mouths movements so you don’t have to worry about the tattoos cracking.  It does definitely feel like you have something on your lips abviously.  I did apply clear lipgloss over them though to give my lips a shine and to help to make sure they didn’t end up cracking just in case they did.  They work fabulously!  They are supposed to last up to 8 hours and mine lasted close to that!  Another great thing?  No need to keep re-applying your lipstick or lip color!

I love Violent Lips!  How else am I going to get lips like these?  Not only is the Pink Ribbon Collection awesome, there are so many different designs to choose from animal prints, glittery ones, colors, denim and so, so much more!  I know I will definitely be purchasing their patriotic American Flag ones the next time the 4th of July comes around!

Buy It:  Visit Violent Lips website to buy your Pink Ribbon Collection pack for $9.99!  Don’t forget that they will donate $2.00 to the National Breast Cancer Coalition!  Be sure to check out their other really great lips!

You can find Violent Lips on Facebook, follow Violent Lips on Twitter, and you can even check Violent Lips out on YouTube!

The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.


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