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I See Me “My Very Merry Christmas” Children’s Board Book Review

I love personalized items especially when it comes to books for my kids.  All three of our kids love books already but they are even more exciting when the storybook they are reading are personalized just for them.  It makes them feel that they are actually part of the story!  I don’t think I need to say twice how excited I was to receive the opportunity to work with I See Me! on a review!  I was sent a review copy of My Very Merry Christmas personalized for our youngest son just in time for the holidays!

My Very Merry Christmas

By Jennifer Dewing

Illustrated by Mati McDonough

The title of “My Very Merry Christmas” will actually be titledChild’s Name’s Very Merry Christmas” after your personalizations.  I love the front cover!  The brightly decorated Christmas tree even has the letters of your child’s name on the decorations too!  The first pages of the book includes and illustration of a gift tag that says “This book was written especially for Child’s Name”.  On the other page your child’s name is printed at the top (in ours we used our little guy’s full name including his middle name) along with a dedication that you can choose from.

“Merry Christmas!  We Love You!

Mommy and Daddy


Isn’t that adorable?!  Not only is your child’s name personalized in the title and cover, it’s also personalized throughout the book too.  “Cardinal flapped and fluttered outside of  “Child’s Name” house.  Christmas is coming!  I have to tell Mouse!”  Then we move on to where the Mouse says to Snow Goose, “It’s “Child’s Name” Christmas – Santa must know!”  The next page is really adorable because it shows a letter to Santa from Mouse that says, “Dear Santa, “Child’s Name loves Christmas.  He’s as excited as can be!  Please make him a toy and a star for the tree.”  Then after that, Mouse and Snow Goose flies off to deliver the letter to Santa where Santa loaded up his sleigh.  After that, your child sees all the different animals getting excited for HIS/HER Christmas and scamper around to make sure everything is done just right!

I absolutely LOVE the illustrations!  They are so charming and I love the different “textured and patterned look” to the pages.  The bright colors and all the animals are really great.  I love the fact that there are so many animals because our son will sit there with us pointing to all the animals and asking what they are.  His eyes just light up EVERY time the book mentions his name.  We like to emphasize it too and when we do, he starts laughing and clapping saying “Me!” every time we do that.  It’s really cute.  He will look at this book over and over again!

The book is a board book and is the perfect size for little ones.  It’s really durable too and the pages are glossy.  I love that they have a glossy coating because lets face it, a 2 year old is very likely to get something on the pages.  This allows you to just wipe off the pages without any damage if that little problem arises.  And of course, I always love any book that rhymes!  This is one of my favorite personalized books that any of my kids have.  I love the way that the personalizations are inserted into the book.  In my opinion, I think I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books does a great job with them!  This mom and dad give this book a big two thumbs up!  This would also make a perfect Christmas gift for any children in your life this Christmas!

Take a tour of “My Very Merry Christmas”!

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Buy It:  Visit I See Me! to purchase your personalized copy of “My Very Merry Christmas” for your child today!  Personalizations are so easy too and I can’t say enough how much I love this book!  I will definitely purchase more books from them in the near future!

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The product was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review. I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. I think these make wonderful gifts. I would love to have the God Loves You! book for my youngest son.

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