My Migraine Experiences and Tips – Relaxation Basket from Excedrin Migraine ($140) Giveaway {CLOSED}

Did you know that the average migraine lasts for 12 hours for those that don’t take any medication?  Are you one of those that suffer from migraines?  If you are like me, then you do.  And maybe getting a migraine prescription isn’t always feasible either.  There are times when a migraine will hit and there isn’t any headache medication that will help me.  After seeing my doctor, I look for over the counter medications whenever possible and the one that I found to work the best for me is Excedrin Migraine.  For me, there are times when I just feel like I can’t do anything when a migraine hits which is not good for a mom of three kids!  Lights, sounds, and “mom, mom, mom” only makes it worse.  I will do anything for it to go away.

If I don’t take anything for my migraine for one reason or another (I try not to sometimes when it’s just our little guy at home), I turn the lights off or dim them, lie back on the couch with either heat or cooling pack around my shoulders/neck but mainly around my forehead and eyes.  That’s where the pain bothers me most.  Sometimes it varies what works for me when it comes to applying heat or applying a cold compress.  I usually take that time to sit with my little guy while he watches a movie and I relax.  A hot shower also helps a little too after he goes down for a nap.  If I am able to relax and do the things that help me, my migraine pain can sometimes be managed without taking medication.  However, there are a lot of times that I just want it to go away as fast as possible and relaxing just isn’t going to happen.  That’s when I turn to Excedrin Migraine.

About Excedrine Migraine

  • Excedrin® Migraine, a trusted brand, offers convenient and fast relief for migraine pain. In fact, in clinical studies, Excedrin® Migraine starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes.
  • With Excedrin® Migraine, you’ll get fast and effective relief and get on with your life. Excedrin® Migraine is the first non-prescription medicine approved by the FDA to treat all the symptoms of a migraine.
  • Excedrin® Migraine is the #1 Neurologist recommended over-the-counter pain reliever for migraine pain relief.
  • Excedrin® Migraine contains acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine.
  • Excedrin® Migraine is available in Geltabs, Tablets and Caplets.
  • See your doctor for diagnosis of migraines and treatment options.

Of course minimizing your migraines is a lot better than having them all the time.  After talking to my doctor, I learned that drinking plenty of water to keep myself hydrated will help reduce frequency of migraines.  There was a time when I wasn’t even drinking as much water as I should have and after increasing my water intake, my migraines have become less frequent along with a few other things I do after talking with my doctor.  There are also aerobic excercises that you can do that only take 10 to 20 minutes that can also help minimize the frequency of your migraines.  My doctor helped me out by giving me the information about the excercises that would work for me.

Another great tip is to keep a log.  Write down when you have a migraine, what you were doing or eating when your migraine occurs, how long they last and what kind of pain you are experiencing with your migraine.  For me, mine is usually a non-stop pounding, sharp pain that sticks around all day unless it’s taken care of.  I also experience searing through my head and eyes.  This doesn’t occur all the time so it’s not always the same.  Other times my pain is in the back of my neck where the back of my head meets.  Having all this information for my doctor helps when it comes to finding what works for me and what we can do to help my suffering.  Since I also prefer over the counter medications whenever I can, he was the one that suggested I try Excedrin Migraine when we were talking about medication for pain.

 Below are a few results of a survey that was taken that may be interesting to you

Nearly two-thirds (61%) of adult migraine sufferers would willingly wait in a long line rather than suffer from migraine pain.  A third (33%) would give up five percent of their annual salary.  Other workers would toss their vacation days (26%) or weekends (17%).  And more than half (52%) would rather visit in-laws. 

Maybe these results sound familiar to you or are similar to how things are for you.  I KNOW my family suffers just as much as I do because I just feel like I can’t funtion as I normally do with migraine pain.  I love Excedrine Migraine because it really works and does work in as little as a half an hour.  Once my migraine pain is gone, I can get back to normal and continue with my everyday routine!

After suffering through migraines for a long time without any medication, I don’t think I can go without taking anything anymore.  Having a migraine really changes me and I become a different person – and it’s not a fun person!  I can’t watch TV, I can’t read, I have to sit in the dark, and don’t anyone dare even talk to me!  I’m just glad that I can always have access to pain relief from my migraines and I would recommend Excedrin Migraine to anyone that suffers through them!  It really does eliminate migraine pain – when I take it, pain is gone in about a half hour without even any lingering feelings of the slightest headache!


Check out to see real migraine stories, and share your tips and suggestions with other sufferers.  You can also visit the Migraine Center at for more information about migraine relief.

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Please Note:  I am not an expert and I am in no way attempting to offer any medical advice.  These experiences are all my own and I have also experienced the tips provided in my post myself.  Please talk to your doctor about Migraine relief.

Thanks to Excedrin Migraine, I received a wonderful Relaxation Basket that is perfect for any migraine sufferer.  Included in the basket is a soothing gel eye mask that works wonders for helping with pain while waiting for my pain to subside.  Also included a therapeutic neck wrap that can be heated or frozen which is also amzing!  There are also a lot more goodies inside for your relaxing needs!  Would you like to win one?


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Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post.  Migraine relief and relaxation kit were provided by Novartis Consumer Healthcare, the makers of Excedrin® Migraine; my journey for a migraine free experience is my own.  I was contacted and given this opportunity also by being a member of the one2one network”

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