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NOse Offense Pet Odor Eliminator Review

Do you have pets?  Do you have pet odors you have to keep fighting in your house?  We have a cat and I don’t know how many different things we have tried to minimize the odor of the litter box.  He used to be strictly an indoor cat and he had no desire to go outside.  In fact, he used to be terrified of being outside.  A few months ago, he ran out and was gone for almost two days.  Of course he came back but after his adventurous two days, he goes outside all the time.  The problem was, the litter box wasn’t our only issue anymore!

I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to work with NOse Offense and they sent me an 8oz bottle of their fabulous product.  Why was I so thrilled?  Well, ever since he started going outside, the litter box became non-existant.  He completely stopped using it after being outside and it has been driving me crazy!  He’s is pretty good about doing his business outside but every now and then, he does his business in the house without using the litter box.  We do our best to keep him outside as often as possible.  We have an “outside hallway”, a hallway we walk through to get to our front door.  He stays warm out there so there isn’t any worry about him being cold overnight at all or anything.

NOse Offense is a wonderful product!  I have used multiple odor eliminators in the house and in the outside hallway and I haven’t found a product that works as well as it says it does.  Most of them that I have used either mask the odor with another fragrance instead of actually eliminating the odor.  This is nice for a time but after a while, the smell comes back and it’s even worse the second time around!  NOse Offense is fragrance free and it doesn’t just mask the odor – it actually gets rid of it!

When I first used it, I wasn’t sure if I was working or not because the spot on my carpet that I thought was the problem, wasn’t the problem.  I did find the spot and after about a half hour or so, I didn’t smell it at all.  I didn’t smell anything!!  That one spot presented such a big problem because the odor filled the whole upstairs and foyer area and it was SO embarassing anytime we had visitors.  I am so happy for NOse Offense!  After I found the urine spot (also works great for the other kind of mess), I wanted to put NOse Offense to the test to see how well it really works.  Before I even cleaned the spot, I just sprayed it to see how well it eliminates pet odor.  It still did a pretty good job before it was cleaned.  Of course after that, I did clean the spot and sprayed again for good measure because I found that no matter how much I clean a spot, the odor is always there!  But not with this product!  I don’t think I have ever been more pleased!

NOse Offense is safe to use, non-toxic, organic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable!  I feel very comfortable using it in my home with my kids and family.  It’s so safe for pets that it can actually be used IN a litter box!  I don’t think I have ever seen a pet eliminator that can be used that way!  It truly is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone with pets.  It also works great for other household odors such as spills that my kids make on the carpet or odors even in the air!

Buy It:  Visit NOse Offense to buy yours today.  They offer a lot of different size bottles that will suit your needs including a travel size if you need to take one in your car while traveling with your furry friend!

NOse Offense is also offering anyone that likes NOse Offense on Facebook, you will receive a 15% discount!  Use code MOMMY15 valid until New Year’s Eve!

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  1. We don’t have pet odors at our house, but we do have the odors that come along with kids. Dirty diapers, milk on carpet and those kind of things. I wonder if it would work with that.

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