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Goal For It! Online Chore/Behavior Chart Review – A way to keep your family organized and setting goals for your kids!

I was first introduced to Goal For It! by MomSelect when I signed up to join one of their new programs.  I just wished I had found this a lot sooner!  Our daughter (10 years old now) is on the autism spectrum and using a chore chart or behavior chart has always been a big thing in our family because they have always been helpful – especially the visual aspect of it because actually seeing progress and seeing a visual of what she is supposed to do and what not to do is the easiest way for her.  Of course after using them with her, we have found that they are very beneficial to ANY kid including our 5 year old son!

Goal For It! makes using a chore chart a lot easier because now I don’t have to worry about printing or making new ones, buying stickers and so forth.  We also like using a point system too and with Goal For It!  you can do that to.  It’s a lot simpler than trying to keep track of points by writing them down or what not.  Using Goal For It! is FREE and I would recommend it to any family with kids, teens, or tween!  There are charts that can be customized for the appropriate age range which I absolutely LOVE and they can be changed any time you like if you need to add something or remove something.  Another great thing about it is that you can create a chore chart for EACH of your kids and there are different chart themes you can use to.  In my opinion, I think it’s great that you can do that because you can even get your child involved in what they want their chart to look like – it makes it more personal to them which I have also learned motivates them!

Each dropdown menu for the different categories shows multiple choices of illustrated chores, behaviors, and healthy habits and all you have to do is add everything you want to add.  All the goals will be included in your child’s chart.

Neither of our kids have that many chores but there are a couple extra things that our daughter does than our 5 year old son does.  She will help fold laundry with me, feeds the cat, pick up her toys, clean her room and make her bed.  Our 5 year old gets to help set the table or clean up the table, pick up his toys, make his bed and clean his room.  I love the other chores such as having their backpack ready before leaving for the bus, getting out the door on time, and so forth.  Our 5 year old needs a reminder every now and then but our daughter is often running behind on school mornings.

After you add the items, you can set the days you would like the goals to be completed and how much “moolah” you would like to set for each goal.  “Moolah” are points that your child earns each time they complete a goal.  It’s optional to use this feature and if you choose to use this option, it’s up to you what the points will represent.  I think it’s great because then they have something to work towards!  Using this can also teach them about saving and earning too because if you tell them that “XX” points can earn you “this” and “XX” points can earn you “that”, they may just want to save their points!

Using the charts are really easy and if your child completes any goals for the day, they get to add a “sticker”.  There are different ones they can choose from – We usually sit down with them at the computer and let them choose which one they would like and let them fill in their own chart at the end of the day.

Then at the end of the week, you get to give them a “result sticker” so that they get to see that they need to keep working on and let them know what a great job they are doing!

Your child will also have a “moolah bank” so that they can keep track of how much they have.  After the week is up, the chart continues so there isn’t a need to create a new one each week either.  I even created a chart for our youngest (2 years old) for using the potty (potty training) and picking up toys.  That’s all he has on his and it helps him with these skills!

I think Goal For It! is really great!  I love the charts and being able to set goals.  It’s great for kids as young as 2 years old all the way up to your teen!  It can also help you stay organized by creating  your own daily goals, and even that all important “to do” list!  There is also a news room where you can keep up with your family and friends and even share on facebook, twitter and more if you wish. There is even a journal!  I would recommend Goal For It! for any family!

Visit Goal For It! today to get started – For Free!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  By working with MomSelect and on this program, I will be compensated a small payment. However, my thoughts and opinions are completely 100% my own and expressing my thoughts and opinions from my own experiences by using the website/product myself.

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