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Gamewright The Scrambled States of America Game Review and Rafflecopter Giveaway CLOSED

I’m a Gamewright fan and I think their games are really great.  Here’s a great game for family game night, The Scrambled States of America Game!  This is a lot of fun to play and it’s also educcational as well!  This game is based off the book “The Scrambled States of America” by Laurie Keller.  I love that book and the story is really cute.  If you have never heard of it, the story starts with “Sam” getting ready to tell a story about our states and country and of course Ohio and Colorado want to tell it but Sam tells them that it is his job so they go back to take their places.

All the states in our country were happy as they were waking up, having their coffee and reading the morning paper and so forth – all except for Kansas of course who was unhappy because he was bored.  He started talking to his best friend, Nebraska about wanting to be able to see more and of course they both agreed that they were tired of North and South Dakota bickering all the time.  They decided to have a party and invite all the states to get to know each other and so forth with help from their neighbors Missouri and Iowa.  All the states have fun at the party and long story short, they decided they all wanted to see more of the country so all the states decided to switch places with each other and so that’s how our country became the “scrambled states of America”.  Of course the states didn’t like it much after a few days because of course Florida was freezing because he switched places with Minnesota and of course all the other states had issues too and so they all decided to go back home.

The story is really cute and of course The Scrambled States of America Game is really fun to play.  I love that the illustrated parts such as the maps and cards are illustrated just like they are in the book.  This game is for ages 8 years and older and is for 2-4 players.  With the Deluxe version (which is what I received), you also get The Scrambled States of America book with the game too!

Front of the box

Back of the box

The game includes 4 U.S. state maps for player references, 50 state cards, and 60 scramble cards.  The object of the game is to send the most states home as in reference to the story.  The player that collects the most state cards win.

S0. how do you play?  Here’s how!  Each player gets a U.S. map that they can use as a reference if they need it.  Shuffle both state and scramble cards (separately) and then each player gets 5 state cards.  All players place their cards in front of them face up in a line (to create their “state line”) so that everyone can see them.  Each player takes turns turning over a scramble card.  They then read it aloud so that all players know the challenge and it’s a race to see who can match up one of their states with the scramble card!  Each state card shows the name and picture of the state along the Capital and Nickname because these may be needed to match up with a scramble card.

The scramble cards will say something simple or something a bit more challenging.  To give you a better understanding, the states are illustrated like a character with faces, are different colors, some of them show both their eyes and some only one eye.  Some of them are also wearing something (like a hat or glasses).  Some of the simple cards will say the state is wearing something, shows only one eye, is orange (or another color), etc.

Some of the more challenging ones will say state ends in A, state has 2 same letters in a row, state has 10 or more letters, state has 2 words, state has 4 or more syllables, border has 3 or more straight edges, or something like – Is west (or north, south, or east) of Kansas.  Each player will then need to see if any of their state cards match and the player that finds one of theirs that match first, gets to send thier state “home” and start thier own pile.  They will then draw a new state card and add it back to thier “state line”.

There are “go the distance” cards in the scramble cards deck as well.  If a player draws one of these, they turn a state card over from the state deck and all players look at their states to find the one that is the closest neighbor to the one that was flipped over.  Whoever has the state that is the closest the fastest, wins that state card and their own state card home and puts them both in their home pile.  There is also a ruler on the “go the distance” cards so that players can measure on the map for those ones that are really close.

The games ends after ALL the state cards in the state deck are gone.  The player with the most state cards wins!

This game is about observation and quick reflexes and some of the challenges will probably be too difficult for a child under the age recommendations.  It’s not like our 6 year old son knows what a syllable is.  Our 10 year old daughter LOVES this game.  It’s about learning more than the basics about the states.  Your children learn about where the states are on the map, what they look like at a glance, their capitals and nicknames, and geography.  Not only that, they also learn language skills such as the syllables, letters, spelling, and more.  Even though the age recommendations are for ages 8 years and older and I made the comment about our son, doesn’t mean kids younger than that shouldn’t play at all.  When we play, he’s usually on a team with either me or his dad and he has learned a lot himself.  Not only about states, language skills, etc., but other skills such as being more observant and  hand-eye coordination skills!

This is such a great family game because not only is it educational in many different ways, it’s also really fun to play because it’s a mad dashing kind of game.  It’s also easy to play because the scramble cards are not specific to any ONE state.  Multiple states can be matched to any of the cards and most likely, multiple players will have a state to match.  That’s what makes it so fun because it’s a race to check all your states to get a match first!  I don’t think we have laughed so much during one of our game sessions!  It’s definitely a great way to get the family together and I would recommend this game to any family!

Buy It:  You can buy The Scrambled States of America Game (Deluxe) online on the Gamewright website for $15.99 or you can check their website to find a store near you.

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