Introducing our newest furry family member!

This is Doolie’s homecoming ride!  A year has gone by since we lost our old man Buddy and so we thought it was time to bring home another puppy.  We went to the shelter last week and fell in love with a 3 month old Beagle mix.  We were able to get him out, play with him and walk him and he immediately fell in love with us and our kids.  We picked him up and brought him home yesterday!

He is making our home his home and is finally happy to be home.  We might have rescued him but after losing our last dog, it always felt like there was something missing.  Doolie just might have rescued us!

Hi everyone!  My name is Doolie!

I almost forgot what it was like having a puppy!  Good thing I didn’t plan on buying a new coffee table like I wanted to!  He’s been chewing on everything he can get his teeth on!  Nevermind all the doggy toys he’s already eaten up!  He’s very playful, friendly, and a great member of our family!

After his first rambunctious day and many fun filled days to come,

He crashes for the night!

We love you Doolie!

Born November 7, 1012

3 Months Old

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