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ENJOY Professional Hair Care Heat Styling Products Review/Rafflecopter Giveaway CLOSED

I have natural curly hair and it is very thick and I can’t even describe how frizzy it gets.  Needless to say, the only time I leave it down is if I have straightened my hair.  I do use my flat iron on my hair quite often so heat protection for my hair is a necessity.  For the most part my hair stays fairly shiny but sometimes I need to use product because every once in a while, it does look kind of dull after straightening it.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try some of ENJOY Professional Hair Care Products.  I received a full size bottle of ENJOY Thermal Spray and a full size bottle of ENJOY Shine Spray and I absolutely love them!

  • ENJOY  Thermal Spray – Firm, flexible, bushable hold for all hair types.  Non-sticky, heat activated thermal protection hair spray, which is great for use with thermal styling tools.  Excellent for defining curl and creating volume.  A 10oz spray bottle retails for $18.64 (USD).
  • Directions For Use:  Hold 6-8 inches away from head.  Apply spray and style as desired.  For use with hot rollers or curling iron, liberally spray each section before applying.  When desired style is achieved, spray entire style holding bottle 8-10 inches away.
  • Tips:  Great for use with curling iron, hot rollers, and flat irons.  Excellent for defining curl and creating volume.

Source for information above is from the product information and product bottle

Since I use my flat iron all the time, I have found that ENJOY Thermal Spray works great for my hair because it’s heat activated.  Even though I straighten my hair quite often, I also like having curls every once in a while.  I just don’t want my frizzy curls because they just aren’t very pretty – honestly.  It may sound strange to say that instead of styling my hair with my natural curls, I actually curl my hair.  Sometimes I curl big ringlet curls and other times I curl smaller ones.  Using the Thermal Spray, those curls stay and do not come out.  They are actual real, bouncy curls instead of the unmanageable frizzy hair that I am used to.  The Thermal Spray has a great hold that is flexible and my hair doesn’t feel like it’s stiff or crunchy at all.  My hair moves and remains soft while keeping the hold!

I was really surprised when I straightened my hair because it was like it was actually holding the straight in my hair!  Seriously, it made putting each section of my hair through my flat iron and straightening it in less time than it took before.  I would usually have to run each section through a couple times but not with this product!  It held my hair straight!  Now, when I used my flat iron, I had a slightly different result as I did with my curling iron.  Each section that I pulled through my flat iron did look stiff BUT, it is brushable and after I brushed through my hair, it was soft and very flexible and it was like I didn’t have any kind of styling spray in my hair at all even though it held my hair (especially where I part it) and helped hold the straightness.  I love it.  It’s nice to have a product with great hold and still be able to run my fingers through it!

  • ENJOY  Shine Spray – This alcohol free formula eliminates frizz, adds incredible shine, smoothness and softness.  Locks in moisture while blocking out humidity.  Spray directly on dry hair for incredible shine.  The 4oz sprayer retails for $20.84 (USD).
  • Directions For Use:  Hold 10-12 inches away from hair and lightly mist.
  • Tips:  Great for use with flat irons.  Helps prevent hair from becoming frizzy or re-curling on humid or wet days.  excellent for smoothings hair and skin.

Source for information above is from the product information and product bottle

Oh boy, where do I start with this product?  ENJOY Shine Spray is absolutely amazing!  There are many times my hair looked dull after straightening it and it loses its shine.  Spraying this product on my hair instantly makes it shiny and really soft!  Another thing about my hair is that I usually avoid straightening it if it’s humid or if it happens to be a rainy day.  Especially if it’s a rainy day.  As soon as my hair gets wet, it isn’t straight anymore and instantly frizzes up.  This is where the amazing part comes in.  Just like the product claims, it really does help prevent my hair from becoming curly again and keeps the frizz away.  I have honestly never used a product that has done this for me before.

Of course if my hair gets completely soaked, it’s all over but I don’t think there is a product that will keep that from happening if my hair becomes soaked.  If it is raining I try to keep my hair covered as much as possible but some of my hair does get a little wet and my hair basically stays the same.  I have gone out when it started sprinkling or misting and didn’t have anything to cover my hair.  Of course I instantly become bummed because it takes me so long to straighten my hair.  I have not had a problem with my hair going crazy on days like those thanks to this product!

The spray does feel oily but it does NOT leave my hair feeling oily or greasy, and it doesn’t feel that way at all either.  It really does to a great job smoothing out my hair and makes it so soft that it’s so much easier to brush or run my fingers through it.  The shine is awesome and does wonders for my hair since it helps keep the needed moisture in my hair.  Keeps the frizz and flyaways, away!  I love these products and would definitely recommend them!

Buy It:  Please visit and see salon locator on where to buy yours.  Prices are shown above in the product details.

Win It!  Thanks to the company, one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win both a full size ENJOY Thermal Spray product and ENJOY Shine Spray product – approx value $40!

Here’s how to enter:

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The product(s) was sent to me for free by the company for my use and review.  I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are honest and 100% my own although they may differ from others.


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