Sign up for ZoomPanel to take surveys for points for lots of cool stuff!

I have been a member at ZoomPanel for a few years now.  It’s a survey site that awards you points (usually 75 points) for each survey you qualify for and complete.  Surveys are sent to you that best suit your profiling surveys you complete after signing up.  The more you complete, the more surveys are sent to you.  Signing up is free and only one account per household.

Surveys are sent via email and they will usually tell you how long they are so you can choose if you want to take them or not.  You do not have to take every survey you receive but you will want to take a few of them regularly.  There have been times when I have only done one a week for a while.  If you go a couple months without taking any, you may be removed from the panel.


There are tons of categories that include baby and toddler products, jewelry, health and beauty products, movie tickets, dvd’s, electronics and so much more.  I have redeemed my points for a Conair heating pad, dvd’s, movie tickets, and a tool kit for my hubby.  You don’t pay for shipping on anything you redeem either!

Or how about saving those points for some Xbox 360 games? Or housewares?  Or maybe outdoors and recreation?  So many different awards to choose from!  Sign up and start taking surveys to earn points to redeem for prizes today!  Please note:  Different awards are redeemed for different point amounts.  You can keep saving your points like I have done for bigger awards.

I do usually recieve a FEW surveys every day!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  This post does include referral links.  I have been a ZoomPanel panelist for a few years now and I am 100% honest when I say that this site is absolutely legit.  It does take some time though to build up points but in my experience, it has always taken a reasonable amount of time before I reached the points I needed for certain awards that I wanted to redeem – and my rewards I have redeemed have always arrived within a couple weeks!

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