Some things that kids say – “What is corn made from?”

Our 6 year old son can come up with some really off the wall things at random times and often he asks questions that he ends up answering for himself.  These answers he comes up with are sometimes very interesting.  For dinner tonight, you might think we were having Thanksgiving dinner in March because my husband brought home a turkey from work for some reason and that’s what we had for dinner along with my homemade mac & cheese, dinner rolls, stuffing, and we had corn.

As we were eating, this conversation happened between our son and his dad:

He had a fixation on where corn came from or rather what it was made from this evening.  After my husband said “Nothing.  It’s corn.” for the second time, I thought he was done with it.  Nope.  About 15 minutes later and out of the blue he decided to answer his own question very proudly because he had figured it out on his own, “I know!  Corn is made from cobs!”

It took me by surprise because I sure wasn’t expecting that especially after 15 minutes went by after his little conversation.  We then had to spend the next twenty minutes explaining to him how corn grows…..

We really need to stop giving this kid the short answer!


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