FREE Sample of Splenda Essentials

Choose between Splenda Essentials with B Vitiamins or with Antioxidants.

Then fill out the form so they can send you your samples.

It does say that there is a limit to 2 entries per person so you can fill out the form twice so you can try both varities (it worked for me).

Go here to get your samples:

Splenda Essentials Sample

“Thank you for ordering your FREE sample of SPLENDA® ESSENTIALS™ NO CALORIE SWEETENER. We have received your information and your sample is on the way.  Please allow several weeks for delivery.*

We are very excited for you to try NEW SPLENDA® ESSENTIALS™  Sweetener Products! That small boost of nutrients means you can make everything you sweeten, from your morning coffee to your after-dinner treat, a little better for you. So every day, you’re getting more out of what you put in!”

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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