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I Love Eden Fantasys Bath and Beauty Products (Up to 30% off OTHER Select Items)

My blog is a family site but I do feel that marriage is the start of a family so I thought this post would fit however, because of the links in this post, I felt I should give everyone this warning.  The following post is PG-13 but the links included in this post are for adult eyes only and are not appropriate for children.

If you know about, then you know what kinds of products they offer.  They offer a wide variety of adult products but not only that as they also offer a lot of great beauty and bath products as well.  As a woman, I am a sucker for bath and beauty products and I am about due to do some shopping so I went to take a look around again to see what else I would think about trying.

This is a product I am wanting to try.  Simply Sensual Hair Care Trio – Shampoo.  I love the scent of pomegranate and ginger which would be perfect for me.  The shampoo is deep cleansing while the conditioner is hydrating.  I love that it comes complete with Shine Serum – a must need for my hair.

I have used the Chemistry Bubble Bath Set a while back.  I loved it which is why I wanted to include it in my post.  Who doesn’t like soaking up in the tub with bubbles?!  The scents are really, really great and relaxing.  I thought they did a pretty good job of bubbling up too.  I love the packaging.  The name fits perfectly for the bubble bath to come in their own “science lab tubes”!

I am definitely adding the Winter Wonder Lip Gloss Trio to my list.  I love that you get three lip glosses and I love all three shades.  Those are the colors that I usually use and in my personal opinion, I don’t care that they are “Winter Wonder” lip glosses.  They are from Cake Beauty and I have used them before.  I love how well they keep my lips moisturized which is a big deal for me no matter what time of the year it is!

Warning!  Further on, you may run across a text link that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

If you are shopping for some of Eden Fantasys OTHER products (I admit, my husband and I have), they have select products such as those rechargeable battery operated items for up to 30% off.  Okay, I’m going to say it.  Sex toys.  You can also get up to 30% off organic body care.   They also offer free shipping 0n orders over $59.  In my experience, they always keep orders and shipping discreet no matter what you have purchased.  Eden Fantasys might just be your one stop shop with all the different kinds of products and types of products they offer!

Oh yeah, and save 20% sitewide using code XOXO

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post and will be receiving a gift card in exchange for my post.  However, this does not change my thoughts, opinions, or sway my post in any way.


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