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I tested my cake decorating today – I made my daughter a Hello Kitty Cake myself!

Today was really fun – I’m being a little sarcastic here.  Instead of going to the bakery and buying a store bought cake for our daughter’s birthday like we normally do for our kids’ birthday parties, I decided to make hers myself this year.  I was actually planning on using my Giant Cupcake cake pan and just making one of those with some regular size cupcakes.

The cake didn’t want to cooperate to say the least.

After three cake mixes, I gave up.  The cake kept sticking to my pan no matter what I did.  The last one I made ended up having a hidden crack in the back of it and when I put the top on and decorated it making it look all pretty, it collapsed.  I gave up on it at that point.  Luckily I had plenty of cake mix for back-up.  Now I will have to buy more when I go round two with my sister’s baby shower.

Hello Kitty

Anyway, at that point I just baked a regular rectangle cake and got to thinking how I was going to decorate it.  She has all Hello Kitty decorations for her party so I thought just maybe I might be able to do a Hello Kitty face on her cake.  I searched online and found the Hello Kitty image that is shown above and printed it out.

After I had iced her cake completely (with pink icing), I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes so that the icing will harden a little bit.  Meanwhile, I cut out the Hello Kitty face as a whole.  Then I gently placed the cut out on the cake in the center.  Gently, I traced the outline of Hello Kitty in the icing with a toothpick.  I ignored the bow on Hello Kitty’s head for now.  After I had the outline drawn, I filled it with white icing.

This isn’t too difficult if you use an icing or piping bag.  If you are like me, you don’t have one of these.  So what did I do?  I filled a little bit of white icing in a plastic baggie and then cut the very tip of one of the corners of the baggie.  Very gently, I squeezed the icing out and traced the outline I had drawn.  After that, it was easy to fill in the rest of it and smooth it out.

When I was done, back in the freezer it went for about 10 minutes so THAT icing would harden because I still had to add the bow and outline everything.  I then took my original cutout and cut out the bow.  I lined it up on the Hello Kitty head where it should be.  Then did the same thing and traced around it.  You will want to be a little more gentle this time so you don’t end up mixing the pink and white icing already on the cake.  I saved a small amount of icing and used food coloring to make it a little darker pink for the bow.  Using my homemade piping bag, I outlined the bow and then once again filled it in.

At this point all I had left was to outline everything with another color.  I used light purple for this feat.  Doing the same thing with my homemade piping bag, I outlined the whole thing and then outlined the bow and “drew” the inside of the bow.  Then I just added the face!

As you can see, I also made cupcakes.  I iced them pink to match the cake and then using my piping bag, made swirls with the same light purple icing I used on the cake.  The cupcakes are also made with bubblegum and white chocolate raspberry icing just for added fun.  It’s new from Duncan Hines so when I saw it at the store, I had to try it!  It tastes pretty good!


If you use a homemade piping bag like I did, make sure you are gentle with it.  It takes more time and it’s a little slow going but if you squeeze too hard, you might end up busting the bag – trust me!

I also used two jars of icing.  One jar was for the cupcakes.  I kept some of it separate, maybe a quarter of the jar so that I can make that purple for the outline of the cake.  I sill had plenty of pink from that jar for all my cupcakes. Since I had extra purple, I swirled purple on the cupcakes with my piping bag.  I only used a small amount for the darker pink for the bow.

Another great tip is to always outline with the same color you are filling those areas first.  It makes it so much easier to fill those areas.

I think I did pretty well even though I’m sure someone else with a bit more skill can do a little better.  When doing something like this, the simpler the better because it’s a lot easier when its simple – like the Hello Kitty head.  There isn’t much to it!  My daughter loves it and told me it’s better than any cake she has ever had!

Enjoy!  If you like it, be sure to Pin it!

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  1. I think it turned out great. I love the idea of the cute cupcakes. That would be so much easier to give each guest instead of them fighting over parts of the cake.

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