Kid K’Nex Creatures Building Set – One of my favorite #discount #deal purchases I made!

This is one of my favorite discount/deals that I have come across.  Last week I posted about discounted items from K’ and one of them was the Kid N’Nex Creatures Building Set.  Our youngest loves building sets (our older kids have tons of K’Nex) and he is always wanting to build with them but he’s still too young to play with them.

I got really excited when I saw that K’Nex had this building set discounted from $82 regular price down to $19.12.  I of course immediately decided I was going to buy it.  Kid K’Nex are just like regular K’Nex sets except that the pieces are on a larger, chunkier scale which is perfect for 3 years and older!

The Kid K’Nex Creatures building set comes with 245 pieces including eyes, fins and other really fun parts along with your typical K’Nex pieces!  And of course comes inside a really great storage container!

**This deal was only a 24 hour sale and is no longer on sale

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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