Leprechaun Our Daughter Made at School

Yes, I know.  I’m a little late at posting this but she just brought it home on Friday!  I thought it was just too cute not to show everyone!

Our daughter made this adorable leprechaun at school.  All you need is a clear plastic cup,  paper bag, green tissue paper, construction paper, and tape (I’m assuming it was easier for the kids to use tape).

They used the clear plastic cup for the body and cut a small hole in the bottom.  Drew a face on the paper bag, filled it with scrap paper from the classroom and kind of knotted the bag closed.  With the cup upside down, fit the knotted part of the bag through the small hole and stuffed the inside of the cup with tissue paper.  They also used tape at the bottom to hold the tissue paper inside.

Then they cut things out of construction paper to make the hair, hat, bowtie, and the giant ears our daughter added to hers!  I thought this would also be a fun craft to make a bunny for Easter, elves for Christmas, or Pilgrims for Thanksgiving!

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