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Baby Shower Cupcakes I Made for my Sister’s Shower!

It’s a boy cupcakes! Some of you may remember me talking or mentioning that my mom and I were planning my sister’s baby shower.  We had her shower the weekend before last and I made cupcakes!  I also put together and made a few decorations that I will post later.  I ended up making 48 cupcakes – 24 were white cake and 24 were blue (just added food coloring) and they were decorated 2 different ways.  

For the blue cupcakes, I used white icing.  This time though, I bought a cake decorating kit with two icing bags and tips so that I can decorate a lot easier than the last cupcakes I made.  It was only $10 at Kroger (from Wilton which I recommend) and it was still cheaper making cupcakes.  With coupons, I probably only spent $15 total on the cake decorating kit, cake mixes, icing, and the ingredients needed for the mixes.

Blue Cupcakes

Anyway, when I mixed the first mix, I added a little blue food coloring to make them blue.  It’s best to use a white cake mix (not yellow) to get the best color.  These ones are the ones I used the white icing on.  I used the star shaped tip on my icing bag and went to work.  Fill the icing bag up to the line on the bag and hold the tip straight downward over the top of the cupcake.  You don’t want to be directly on the cupcake with the tip but close enough.  Then just squeeze out the icing to form the star shapes.  The more you squeeze out, the bigger the star shape will be.  Stop squeezing when you get the desired size and then cover the whole top of the cupcake.

After I decorated my other ones with the blue icing (I’ll get to that), I added little “drops” of blue in a circle on the white icing ones.  For those drops, I used my small round tip.  Then when I was finished doing that, I added these adorable blue plastic pacifier toppers my mom picked up at the store.  They looked so cute when I was finished!

White Cupcakes

On to the white cupcakes.  These ones I used blue icing.  You can use blue food coloring but this icing was actually blue to begin with.  I bought the new Duncan Hines icing with a packet of cotton candy flavor (they are sold separately).  When you mix it, it becomes blue icing.  I’m telling you what though, the cotton candy icing was really good!

For these ones, I wanted a different look so I put my small round tip on my icing bag and did the same thing I did with the star shapes only these were droplets.  I covered the whole cupcake with these droplets and then when I was finished, I sprinkled on white pearl candy sprinkles.

I didn’t use any more icing than I normally would decorating this way.  Each set of 24 cupcakes took one jar (the blue had a little extra left over because that kind of icing is a slightly larger jar).  That’s also why I used a little of the blue icing on the cupcakes with the white icing for a little color.

Tips:  It’s easier to fill an icing bag with refrigerated icing.  When it’s too soft, it makes it a little difficult to fill it and you are most likely going to have to refill once or twice.  Also, when you are holding your icing bag, the icing inside may start to feel soft because your hands are warm.  making the desired shapes with an icing bag works so much better with cold icing so if your icing starts coming out a little softer and not holding shape as well, just put the icing bag in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes.

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Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.


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