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Our new Viquarium and Turtles Crush and Squirt!

I have always loved turtles but we have never had any before.  We have had fish but never any kind of reptiles.  The last time we were at the pet store, I saw Yellow Belly Turtles and I told my hubby I wanted some.  We got our tank set up and bought the waterfall kit for the dry area in our Viquarium, got everything set up and went and bought our turtles yesterday!

Since our waterfall kit was a separate purchase, we ended up getting pretty valuable coupons from Petland so when we went back to get the rocks to fill in the dry area, a couple greenery pieces and our turtles, we ended up saving almost $40!  The waterfall kit was easy to assemble and you just fill that empty area underneath to create a dry land.  The filter and pump is inside the waterfall.

We added the rocks that we found and cleaned them up.  We wanted to keep everything as natural as possible and we are going to actually plant live plants in the rocks!

My son fed them yesterday and he told me I should take pictures and put the on facebook.  I thought that was pretty funny coming from a 6 year old!  The kids are excited and love to see them and watch them especially when they are eating.  It might sound a little strange to call a reptile cute but I think they are!

Our kids also named them Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo (I know, they are pretty original when it comes to names).  Now we have a puppy, a cat, and turtles!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  Just sharing about our new pets!

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