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PourtyPotty Potty Seat #Review and Rafflecopter #Giveaway @Pourty -the potty that pours! {CLOSED}

Potty training.  Oh, the joys of potty training!  Even after having 3 kids you would think you would have this mastered on how to go about it.  Never!  All kids are obviously different and we are going through the process for the third time.  In our experiences, I believe the potty seat your child is using makes the world of a difference.  I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to work with Pourty Potty on a review and I must say, this is the BEST potty seat we have ever used!  I am not kidding!  So, what is the Pourty Potty?

The Pourty Potty is a one piece potty seat that is not only very child friendly, it is also VERY mess free.  Instead of pouring out a typical one piece potty seat making a mess everywhere, the Pourty Potty is designed with a pour spout in the back allowing for easy, no mess pouring and cleaning.  As a mom, I definitely appreciate this as it is so much more hygienic!  Since we have a two year old son, I chose a blue Pourty Potty.  It comes in 4 colors!

When I say the potty seat your child is using makes the world of a difference, it really does.  When we went through it with our 11 year old and 6 year old, we had a lot of difficulties.  We went through one piece potty seats that just didn’t work out.  Either they couldn’t sit on it right, there wasn’t a big enough splash guard, it was too messy to empty, etc. – those just never worked.  Then we would switch to a two piece seat that had the removable bowl but those removable bowls just weren’t very big and taking those out to dump was a lot of times just as messy!  I remember our oldest just flat out refused.

We even had one of those potty seats with all the bells and whistles thinking that would get her to go making it more fun.  Nope.  It seemed to me that the more extravagant the potty seat is, the more afraid they are of them.  Our 6 year old son was terrified to go at all after using a musical one.  Those kind of seats may work great for other kids but none of mine.  It ended up coming down to needing a potty seat that is as simple as possible for our kids which was not easy.

With our two year old who is now just starting potty training, we kept it simple.  The best one that we had found (I didn’t go with a one piece because of the nasty mess issue) was one that had a removable bowl.  For the most part, it was working okay but he still wasn’t really liking to sit on it much.  We have started and stopped potty training a few times.  It also has a cushy part that has to be removed before removing the bowl which is just not that sanitary.  Can’t use it without it either.  I thought, here we go with the potty seat issue again……

That is until we recieved our Pourty Potty!  I love it because it is a little higher and the seat area is a little wider than most one piece potty seats and our little guy can sit comfortably on it.  I noticed he can actually sit down it a lot easier than the other seat we already have.  The splash guard is great because it’s a lot higher than the other seat we have (it’s actually almost non-existant on that one) and we haven’t had any problems with him peeing outside of the potty seat.  Yes, that has happened a few times with our other one.  It could be because we stopped and started again a month later, but I like to believe he’s enjoying using the potty more often because of the Pourty Potty.  He won’t even use the other one we have at all now.


Like I said, emptying the Pourty Potty is unbelievably mess free.  I really don’t think it can get any better than that!  No mess.  At all.  It rinses out really easy too.  The seat area never gets wet so even after you dump it and rinse it out, it’s ready to be used again right then and there!  The hole in the front makes it easy to pick up to carry off to the bathroom (we have ours sitting in the living room sometimes since we are in the beginning stages) and even with the pee or poo in it, it’s still easy to carry without any spills.  It’s actually so easy to carry and lift that our two year old can do it.  I actually like this because he likes to actually do it himself.  It makes him feel like an even bigger big boy and he is so much more proud of himself even after he uses the potty!

The plastic along with the design makes it VERY sturdy and fits flush with the floor.  It doesn’t slide, nothing wobbles, and just stays put.  This is big time when it comes to potty training because you definitely don’t want your little one to be afraid to use the potty!  I can’t say enough how much we love the Pourty Potty!  I would recommend it to EVERYONE I know with little ones that are potty training!  It’s no wonder the Pourty Potty has so many awards!  And of course it’s VERY affordable!

Buy It:  You can buy the Pourty Potty anywhere from $10 to $15 at,, and Babies R Us just to name a few.  Check the Pourty Potty website for more details on where to buy!  I HIGHLY recommend it!

Win It!  Thanks to the company, one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win a Pourty Potty in their choice of color!

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