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PlasmaCar from @PlaSmart Inc. #Review and Rafflecopter #Giveaway (Cont US and Canada) CLOSED

I was thrilled to have received the opportunity to work with Plasmart Inc. on a review of their PlasmaCar!  We were sent a yellow PlasmaCar and when it arrived, my kids squealed with delight and couldn’t wait to try it out!  The PlasmaCar is recommended for ages 3 years and older.   When it arrived and we took it out of the box, there was a little assembly required.  It’s basically just the matter of putting on the back wheels, front wheels, and steering wheel.  There is nothing with the “body” that needs to be put together because it’s all one piece.


You simply start by putting on the back wheels positioned to where the wheels flare out from the body and then using a rubber mallet, hit the wheels to make sure they are locked in place.  Once they are locked on, they cannot be removed.  This makes me feel really good about this ride on car because there isn’t any worry about them coming off at all while my children are riding it.  The front wheels consist of one piece with for wheels on it in a triangular shape.  All of this was already fully assembled.

After you remove the foam sheath from the shaft on the front wheel assembly, run it through the bottom sliding it through the sheath and on through the hole at the top of the body.  Again, strike the bottom of the wheel asembly with a rubber mallet to secure the metal bearing in the body.  Next comes the steering wheel.  Add the steering wheel at the top making sure that the front wheels are aligned correctly and tighten the bolt down in the center of the steering wheel as tight as it will go.  Then cover with the cap to hide the bolt.  Now it’s ready to go!

The instructions are really easy to follow and the PlasmaCar is really easy to put together.  Try as you might, nothing will come off or come apart!  It can be used indoors as well as outdoors but keep in mind that it can scratch hardwood floors.  When we first got ours, our kids didn’t want to wait to try it out (it was raining) so we let them take it for a short spin in the kitchen.  We don’t have glossy or slippery tile in the kitchen so it worked really great – the only problem was, our kitchen isn’t very big so it didn’t last long indoors.  The first chance we got, we went outside!  We also took it to the park so they had a larger flat surface to ride on.  They LOVED it!

To make the PlasmaCar work, you simply sit on it leaning slightly forward with feet up on the footrests, grip the steering wheel, and turn the steering wheel back and forth to make it go forward.  Want to know what else?  The steering wheel can be turned completely around and then when the steering wheel is being turned back and forth, you make it go in reverse!  It did take our daughter slightly longer to get the hang of it but our son had it figured out right away and went cruising around the blacktop in no time.  They figured out really quick that if they wanted to actually turn to the left or right, all they had to do is hold the steering wheel a little more in either direction slightly longer than they would while continuously moving it to go straight.


The PlasmaCar should be used on smooth surfaces and should never be used on a hill, steep slope or rough or uneven surfaces and parent supervision is strongly recommended at all times.  It should also never be used near steps, swimming pools or traffic.  The blacktop at the park was a smooth even surface.  There were a few pebbles here and there but nothing that would become a safety issue.

Our kids loved every minute of it, taking turns and having a blast.  Neither one of my kids (even our 11 year old) has never learned to ride a pedal bike.  Our son has one with training wheels but our daughter doesn’t like them.  She has some sensory issues and the PlasmaCar allows her to have fun on a ride on because the closer she is to the ground, the better!  I love that it doesn’t have pedals for other reasons too.  I think it makes for better excersize because it is completely kid powered.  No pedals to aid – just powered by kid alone!

The PlasmaCar can hold up to 220 pounds on smooth surfaces (should not exceed the 220 pound limit) which means my husband and I also got to take a spin on it!  I can tell you, it is a LOT of fun!  It’s like I am a kid again!  I would highly recommend the PlasmaCar for any family – it sure is fun for the whole family!  It’s really easy to ride, easy to get it moving, very durable and yes, I’m going to say it again – lots of fun!  I’m going to have to buy a couple more of them so we can all ride around at the same time!

Buy It:  Depending on where you shop, you can purchase a PlasmaCar roughly $50 to $60.  You can find them on and other online stores or visit to find a store near you!

Win It!  Thanks to Plasmart Inc., one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win a PlasmaCar for themselves!  Winner will receive a neutral gender color.

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  2. My mom has these and the grandkids love them! I would love one for my house. I like the blue plasma car and the perplexus game.

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