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“Mineral Makeup by Monavé is makeup that you can trust. Full ingredient disclosure reveals a product line based in whole, organic botanical ingredients, and completely gluten-free formulas that are 95% vegan. Monavé has never engaged in animal testing, and chooses the highest quality mineral makeup ingredients, not simply for the press, but for the health and performance of the products. As always, all products are free of paraben preservatives, dyes, and bismuth oxychloride. Monave Mineral Makeup also believes that all women deserve high quality, natural makeup, so Monavé has a wide array of shades for all complexions, lifestyles and ages.”

My skin can be really weird.  Sometimes it’s a little too oily, sometimes too dry and sometimes gets irritated easier one day than the next.  It never seems to be consistant and cosmetics can sometimes make my skin worse.  Depending on the day I suppose.  Come on skin.  Just give me one good day.  I love cosmetics but sometimes it comes with a price.  I don’t mean dollar signs.  Because of my touchy skin that seems to have a personality of it’s own, I try to use mineral cosmetics more often than not.  Mineral cosmetics is so much more gentler on my skin without causing unwanted irritations which I’m pretty sure my skin thanks me for.  I hope!  I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to work with Monave on a review and I will say it now – I absolutely LOVE it!

I was sent a few of their products to try out which included Monave Cream to Powder Concealer, Mineral Powder Foundation, Mineral Bronzer, and two Natural Lip Glaze in my color choices of course.

I love the Cream to Powder Concealer.  One thing that my skin absolutely can’t stand is anything purely liquid – especially when it comes to concealer.  There are only a couple places that I use concealer but I found I can only use minerals or a cream to powder formula otherwise it really suffocates my skin and then irritates thus defeats the whole purpose.  I have a couple redish areas on my cheeks.  Some days are worse than others but I love how well Monave Cream to Powder works and feels on my skin.  I apply with my finger and it feels somewhat like a cream but when I apply to my face, it’s powdery.  When using concealer, I like the cream because the consistancy makes it easy to apply right where you want it a nowhere else.  Monave Cream to Powder feels light on my skin after it’s applied because it’s then like a powder.  Gives my skin plenty of breathing room without irritating it.  In fact, I think it actually helps my skin at the same time as giving me great coverage.

Then I use Monave Mineral Loose Powder Foundation all over my face.  I always use powder foundation because like I said, anything liquid is a no-no when it comes to my skin.  The mineral powder glides over my skin and feels very light on my face.  I don’t even feel like I am wearing make-up which is really important to me especially when it’s hot outside.  I never feel like I am wearing a mask when I am wearing Monave.  It blends really, really well and matches up with my own pigments, skin type, and color of my skin really, really well.  My skin type changes a lot and it doesn’t matter – it works great for my skin every single time!  I don’t usually wear eye make-up that often and if I do, it’s usually very close to my face make-up.  What I like to do is use my Monave Mineral Powder and use a smaller brush and apply higher up on my eyes/eyelids to highlight.  Then I use my Monave Mineral Bronzer as an eyeshadow.  That way I can cover up my eye areas and still have the natural look.

Monave Mineral Bronzer is really, really great!  As mentioned above, I use it as eye make-up but it’s also great to apply along my jaw line for defining and it works great.  I also add a little to my cheeks instead of blush.  I don’t use the bronzer all over my face.  Using it in certain areas really makes my skin feel and look like it has a “glow” to it.  It also glides on my skin and feels really great too.  Monave Lip Glaze is amazing!  I seriously don’t think I have ever used one that I didn’t need to re-apply a million times.  I may re-apply or touch up this Lip Glaze maybe once or twice throughout the day but not as much as I have with others (generally speaking).  I received Candy Glaze which is like a lighter pink and looks almost like my natural lip color.  When I apply it, it does give me a little color which is what I prefer.  If I want a little more color, I just use my Strawberry Glaze which is a darker shade of redish pink.  I love it because even though they both give my lips color, I can still look natural.

The Lip Glaze doesn’t have a taste to it at all which I am really amazed about since it’s a natural lip glaze.  It has a pleasant smell to it too.  It may be just me but my lips actually feel moisturized when I wear it too which is another bonus for me.  If I am going to wear cosmetics, they might as well be good for my skin at the same time which I believe Monave does a great job of doing after trying them for a while.

I hope you can see the big difference in my before and after pictures.  I thought Monave did wonders for my skin.  It looks really great in person.  It diminished the redness in my face and covered and minimized all the freckles I have developed all over my face.  I loved that It took the darker areas around my eyes away and left my face looking like it had a natural glow to it.  Another thing about Monave Minerals is that it doesn’t streak or run after a while especially when it comes to sweating from being outside.  I have used other mineral cosmetics and I have experienced those things before.  Never did with Monave.  It stays put and doesn’t do any of that.  It’s also pretty affordable when it comes to minerals too and love that it’s natural, organic, dye free, and 95% vegan.  Love it, love it, love it!

Buy It:  Visit Monave website and purchase your favorite mineral cosmetics where you will find many, many products to choose from.  They even offer sample sizes for as little as $2.50 so you can try them before you purchase your full size products!

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