Free Silver Plated Heart Pendant or Silver Plated Hoop Earrings! #free

1 Sale a Day is giving away a Free Silver Plated Heart Pendant or Silver Plated Hoop Earrings for free!

If you are not signed up with them, you can easily sign up when you get yours.

Click the “Buy Now” button.

(You will NOT have to actually buy anything and you don’t have to enter any kind of credit card or payment info)

Then fill in your name and mailing address so they can be shipped to you.

Shipping is also free and there isn’t any credit card info needed at all.

There is a time limit and when I got mine, the counter said there was only a couple hours left so hurry!

Please note:  There isn’t any way to choose between the pendant and earrings – you will randomly get one or the other.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I like to share freebies and deals that I find but I cannot guarantee them.  Most of them that I post are ones that I have signed up for myself.  Sign up for them at your own responsibility.


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