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Gutzy Gear In Home Party – We’ve Got Gutz! #GettinGutzy and a Rafflecopter #Giveaway {CLOSED}

Thanks to Gutzy Gear and Mom Select, I received the opportunity to host a Gutzy Gear In Home MommyParty!  I received enough Gutzy Gear products for all the kids that came over.  They brought over their backpacks too and decorated their backpack straps and had a lot of fun!

So what exactly is Gutzy Gear?  Well, Gutzy Gear allows your child to personalize his or backpack how they want to.  Gutzy Gear backpack strap covers (starter set) comes with two backpack covers along with a patch that are called Gutzies.  The covers wrap around the existing straps on backpacks, messenger bags and even rolling bags.  Then all your child has to do is add the Gutzies he/she loves to their straps!  Guyzy patches are sold separately and they come in a two pack.  I think it’s great because it allows kids to make their own statement, and express their own style.  Gutzy Gear has even been featured on “The Today Show” and in “US Weekly”!

The Gutzies are beautifully embroidered patches.  As parents we might groan at the word patches because that usually means there is glue, ironing, or sewing involved.  Guess what?  There isn’t anything of the sort!  Gutzy Gear was made with kids in mind.  They can place their patches all on their own.  The backside of the Gutzies are velcro and all they have to do is stick them to their backstrap covers themselves!  When they are ready, all they have to do is wrap the covers around their backpack straps and velcro in the back.  It’s really easy to do and one of the best things about the covers is that they stay inplce pretty well and rarely slide down the strap.  If they do, just tug them up a little bit or re-wrap them.  I have noticed that they stay put pretty well.

The kids at out party ranged from 3 to 14 and I think Gutzy Gear is great for a wide age range.  Our youngest will be going into preschool so even he has a backpack like his older brother and sister.  He loved decorating is strap covers and thought it was pretty neat.  Ever since we put them on his backpack, all he does is wear it around the house now.  All the other kids had a lof of fun with theirs too.  One of them wanted to use “food” Gutzies, another wanted to use the ones that came with the guitar Gutzy, the girls loved the girly ones.  I think they are really cute too.  A pink shoe, flowers and hearts!

We also played some themed party games that were included with our party kit.  Playing Gutzy Bingo was pretty fun!  Overall, we love Gutzy Gear and that includes the parents that we had over.  They also thought it was a great idea because the kids can change the look of their current backpack into something new.  One of the things that my friends agreed with me on is that they just might eliminate having to buy a new backpack (unless of course something happens to theirs and need replacing).  I know with my kids and a couple of my friends kids backpacks from last year that are still in really good shape even though they used them the whole year.  Ours would be happy just to decorate their old ones and use them again instead of getting new ones!

I love how well the Gutzies stick.  I mean, they just won’t fall off at all.  They velcro really well and the first few times the kids had taken theirs off and moved them or re-adjusted them, they were a bit tough to get off.  I see that as a GOOD thing so we don’t have Gutzies being lost at random.  It’s not so tough that kids would really have a problem removing them though.  They are made really well and are also pretty durable.  I definitely recommend them.  The kids love to collect and trade them and the more they have, the more they can change their straps.  The other parents were just as excited about them too.  Want to know what else?  They are pretty affordable too and they would also make great party favors for birthday parties and more!

Buy It:  You can shop online at or you can find them at stores such as Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart.  See their website for details.  Gutzy Straps retail $9.99 and Gutzy patches (Gutzies) retail $4.99 for a 2 count pack.

Win It!  Big thank you to Gutzy Gear and MomSelect for sponsoring a giveaway!  Not one but (3) THREE DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will EACH win a Gutzy Gear Strap Starter w/patch + 2 packs of Gutzies AND 2 additional Starter Kits to give to their own friends!

Here’s how to enter:

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Disclaimer:  The product(s) was sent to me for free from GutzyGear and MomSelect for my party/use and review.  I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are honest and 100% my own although they may differ from others.

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