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#HollywoodHeights – Teen Drama or Family Drama? Why I am in Love With This Show!

Hollywood Heights first premiered on Nickelodeon on [email protected] but was moved to TeenNick, weeknights at 8pm (Eastern Time) and consists of 80 episodes that will run through September or October (I can’t remember exactly).  It started airing before school started and when my daughter (almost 12) said she wanted to watch it when she kept seeing the premier (episode 1) commercials, we started watching it together.  I was hooked from the first episode and after discovering that there are a lot of adults that also watch Hollywwod Heights, I am not afraid to admit that I am a 31 year old fan and I don’t miss a single episode.

Hollywood Heights Premise

“Hollywood Heights centers on Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood, One Life to Live), a shy teen whose musical aspirations inch closer to reality when she wins a songwriting contest sponsored by Eddie Duran (Cody Longo, Fame), a rock star at the top of his game. Although Loren and Eddie’s budding partnership – on-stage and off – faces obstacles, their strong family bonds inspire them to keep going. Loren finds the support system she needs in her single mom, Nora (Jama Williamson, Parks and Recreation), as Nora returns to the dating scene for the first time in years. Meanwhile Eddie’s unbreakable bond with his father, Max (Carlos Ponce, Couples Retreat, telenovela actor/singer) – strengthened by family tragedy – is challenged by Eddie’s budding romance with a beautiful, but manipulative model and aspiring actress, Chloe Carter (Melissa Ordway, 17 Again). As Loren begins a meteoric rise on the music scene and Eddie’s star begins to fade, together they learn that the road to love and stardom often carries a heavy price tag. Justin Wilczynski (Kaya) also stars as Eddie’s bitter former friend, Tyler Rorke.”  You can also read more in depth about the show and characters here.

I have come across some reviews wondering if Hollywood Heights is a show young teens or tweens should even watch.  As a mom, I can see the point and understand where some of these opinions come from.  There are a lot of different situations such as the “mean girl” in high school, the “rebellious teen”, the “troubled teen”, parents who favors their oldest son who has done nothing but get into some major trouble over their daughter who has done nothing wrong, and parents who have a great relationship with their kids (such as Loren’s and Eddie’s) who are nothing but supportive and have a great relationship.  There are also a few conniving, scheming, manipulative characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

I don’t want to scare anyone away from the show, the point is, I don’t see this as something my daughter shouldn’t see.  In fact, I think it’s a wonderful way to open up multiple different conversations with my daughter who is on the verge of becoming a teen herself who just might be in one of these types of situations in her life.  A lot of times, some of these situations are things that she may very well may experience in her teen years and as a parent, I do know there are some things that a teen or tween may not be able to open up to their parents about.  I was a teenager once even though it’s hard to believe sometimes.

Here’s a little about the show…If you have never seen it beofre, I feel I have to give you a little spoiler warning.  Nothing major, just a little about what happened in the beginning but nothing too specific.  Adding some of the stuff that has already happened (I won’t say anything specific about anything recent) makes it easier for me to explain a little more about it.

Hollywood Heights is a soap show meaning that there are multiple characters with different storylines that eventually coincide with other storylines.  It’s not a show just about one or two main characters with everything built around just them.  This is the reason I have always been a soap junkie – my kind of show.

In the beginning, Loren and Mel (best friends) go to an Eddie Duran concert when her sneaky brother, Phil sold them fake tickets so they try to sneak in.  Of course it was Mel’s idea because Loren isn’t the type to do those kind of things.  Jake, Eddie’s manager sees them and after talking to them, decides to get them into the concert.  A lot of what happens at the beginning of the series happens at school while everything with Eddie’s life is totally separate.  That is until Eddie holds a songwriting contest.  Loren is a songwriter who wants to be a singer but at first she just thinks it’s a silly dream.  Her best friend, Mel is more than supportive even though she secretly submits Loren’s song into the contest.  After Loren wins the contest, that’s when Loren and Eddie’s life and stories start to coincide with one another.

Eddie’s fiance, Chloe becomes more of a tyrant and becomes jealous of Loren when in the beginning it was only a friendship between Loren and Eddie.  At that point, Eddie was completely committed to Chloe.  But Chloe was more into her relationship with Eddie for the fame, success, and being a rockstar’s wife and really nothing more.  She had tons of secrets such as who she really was, where she came from, lied about her mom and told everyone she died and her real name isn’t even Chloe.  When all the lies finally came out with the help from Tyler Rorke who is also just as conniving and manipulative as Chloe is, Eddie also found out that there was more to she and Tyler’s relationship.

After Eddie ended it with Chloe, he and Loren became closer as they continued to work together on their music starting a more romantic relationship.  Of course there were a lot of concerns from Nora (Loren’s mom) and Max (Eddie’s dad) about what was going on.  This is where I really appreciate the family ties and the bonds between them.  But then Loren and Eddie also have a lot of things to deal with such as feelings gettting in the way or dealing with Chloe who will stop at nothing to try to get Eddie back all the while trying to focus on music.  There has to be a villain right?  Well, Chloe counts as about three in my book.  Of course there is something more to Chloe but I’ll keep my mouth zipped about that one.  Loren and Eddie’s relationship is tested a few times while certain things and feelings need to be worked out.

Of course there are side stories such as Adriana and Phil.  Phil is Mel’s troublesome brother and Adriana is a “mean girl” that Loren goes to school with who can’t stand Loren.  I don’t know why because Loren has never done anything to her.  Other than the fact that Adriana thinks she should be better and have a better life than everyone around her, maybe.  She likes to cause trouble for Loren but she ends up getting herself into some trouble by being with Phil in more ways than one.  There are times when I can’t stand the girl but you can’t help but feel sorry for her.  Her dad doesn’t seem to be much of a dad and her mom took off years ago.  Nora also dates Adriana’s dad and the further it goes, the more shady he appears to be.  Maybe something will spark between Nora and Max instead…

Mel also has to put up with her parents always favoring her older brother which just doesn’t seem fair.  There seems to be a bigger reason why after Mel comes across some pictures and finds out that her mom actually has a sister.  Mel wants to find her long lost aunt but her mom refuses to let her.  Mel can’t figure out what the big secret is and why her mom treats her so differently.  She decides to look more into it with the help of she and Loren’s friend Adam.  Mel and Adam had quite a few awkward moments throughout the series too.  Maybe a relationship more than just friendship comes out of that one too…

Final thoughts…..

That’s just some of what has happened or is going on in Hollywood Heights.  I love all the stories, different situations, and drama that the characters have to deal with.  There is something in it for everyone including adults.  Some may worry about what kind of role models some of these characters may be for teens or tweens but I don’t look at it that way.  My daughter even says things like “I can’t believe she is acting like that” or “What’s her problem?”  I know my daughter would never be like some of these characters.  They see the different situations and they see what happens from them.  They see the results of what happens in these situations so they stay away from them.  There are right ways and wrong ways to have relationships and how to handle them.  There are things that you do that result in bad consequences.  They see that bad choices results in bad outcomes and at the same time, see that it’s always okay to chase your dreams and make them come true.  Working hard, overcoming fear, dealing with life situations that come up, and family bonds are something special.

Hollywood Heights is rated PG/PG13 (one time it says PG13 and other times says PG on my TV) but I would recommend that parents should watch with their younger teens.  There isn’t any sex in it and the most you see is some kissing scenes but for the older audience, they can kind of get the idea that maybe things went a little further while kids my daughter’s age probably wouldn’t get at all.  I like being involved in watching what my kids watch anyway and like I said before, Hollywood Heights is a great way to open up all kinds of conversation with them.  It is very addicting and without trying to make myself sound like a freak, there are times when I find myself watching one episode a couple times over.  Afterall, I do have to DVR it now for my daughter since school has started.

I do feel Heights’ audience is probably more females than males although even though my husband doesn’t really watch it and says he could really care less, I think he secretly does like it. But don’t tell him I said so.  He’s always asking me what happened with this or that or him or her.  Again, It’s very addicting and I was easily sucked into it and fell in love with it.  Who knows, maybe I really am nuts but I really hope Hollywood Heights gets another season!  I think it deserves a shot.

Last comments about the cast

I really love the cast.  I think they all do a great job playing their parts especially Cody Longo (Eddie), Brittany Underwood (Loren) who I think play their parts so well, you would almost think they were a couple in real life.  I melt everytime they are together on the show.  I couldn’t imagine Heights without them.  I do have to give some love to Melissa Ordway.  I really, really can’t stand Chloe and I have to give her props for playing the vindictive, manipulative, vicious woman.  As much heat that her character gets, I just have to put that out there.  Great cast!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.


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