Bed of Roses Earrings ($60 value) FOR #FREE


These are so pretty!  Want a pair?  If you are a new Sneakpeeq member, you can get a pair absolutely FREE!

“Want a rosy outlook for the fall season? sneakpeeq is giving you these unique Bed of Roses Earrings ($60 value) FOR FREE just for joining the site. Each pair of earrings features hand-blown glass, reminiscent of the dazzling colors in a bouquet of roses. Let your colorful earrings inspire you to spend your time outside, daydreaming!”

Sneakpeeq freebies sometimes do not include shipping so there may be shipping costs ($1.00 to $4.95).  These freebies usually go fast so hurry over to get yours – click the image above in this post!

 Disclaimer:  This post includes my Referred Media link.  This does not influence or change my opinion(s).


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