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Creativity for Kids #FaberCastellParty In Home Mommy Party! @Creativity4Kids

Big thanks to MomSelect MommyParties and Faber Castell for giving me the opportunity to host a Creativity for Kids in home party!  We were sent a lot of great products to have a wonderful crafting party.  Our daughter invited over some of her friends and we all had a lot of fun – including me and my mom friends!

We had a lot of fun making Fashion Head Bands, Fashion Bracelets, Pop Art Necklaces, Fashion Tote Bags (which I used as goodie bags) and the girls also received Fashion Activity Books, and a Trinket Box kit to take home.  They also got to decorate their own tote bags and of course anything they made at the party, they also took home in them!

The girls loved the Fashion Bracelets.  I thought they were great too and so did the other moms.  They come in different colors and there are thin ones and wide ones (15 total).  They “clang” together when wearing more than one and they remind me of bangle bracelets.  They aren’t plastic and are more like a metal (at least they appeared that way to me).  The kit comes with lots of different colored ribbon; some solid colored, some sparkly, thin and thick ribbon, gems and more that can be wrapped around the bracelets to make really pretty designs.  There are so many choices and one of the girls even used a couple different colors and actually weaved the ribbon on her bracelet!  The kit also comes with glue and scissors!

The Fashion Head Bands are really great too!  There are lots of different colors (10 total) and this kit also comes with a lot of different ribbon.  Solid colors, sparkly ribbon, gems, feathers, a butterfly, and a couple flowers that can be added to them.  The head bands are great quality too like the bracelets.  They are hard head bands and they have a cloth-like covering.  The glue that comes with the kit works great when adding ribbon and everything.  The girls had a great time wraping ribbon all around their head bands, making bows out of the ribbon to add to them, and adding gems.  The butterfly and flower attachments just slide on and they can also be taken off and used on another head band.  I was really impressed with how great the head bands worked in the girls’ hair!

Our son kind of felt left out so I gave him the Pop Up Book Kit and he had a blast with that.  There are pages in the books that pop out and he illustrated his own stories and made the pop out pieces into something in the book.  One of the pages opened up like a mouth in the center so he drew a frog there so it looks like the frog opens his mouth when the page opens!  I loved it because it was a wonderful way to bring out his creativity and make his creations come to life!  Of course when the girls started making their Pop Art Necklaces, he wanted to make one too.

The Pop Art Necklaces come with different colored strings (not plastic string – yay!), different colored bottle cap pieces, beads, stickers, markers, and these clear dome-like pieces that stick on top of the bottle cap pieces.  There are lots of colorful different designed stickers and there are some that can actually be colored in.  They choose which sticker they want to use and put it on one of the bottle cap pieces.  Then they stick one of the dome pieces on top making the art on their bottle cap pendant appear to “pop”!  It almost looks 3D.  Then they string them on their necklace string (which is thick and really durable) along with the beads they want and then they have a really cute necklace!  The string is really easy to tie too which is a big plus for all us parents!

All the kids took home their mini Trinket Box Kits.  We didn’t make any of them at the party since we had so many different crafting things that we did do.  Our kids (including our son for some reason) wanted to make a Trinket Box later that evening.  The Trinket Box mini kit comes with a flower shaped box, two different colored pink feathers, and dark brown/black spotted feathers, and gems.  It also comes with it’s own glue.  They are simple to do.  Just put drops of glue on the box lid and place the darker pink ones on as the bottom layer.  Then do the same thing by layering the lighter pink ones (they are even slightly smaller) and then the dark feathers.  Then add the gems.

The glue might take a little while to dry especially since they are gluing feathers but again, I was very impressed with the way the glue held everything together after drying.  I loved all these kits and the other parents that were here completely agree.  The bracelets and head bands were great quality and made for a really great quality craft.  A couple of the moms (which I even agree) have bought their girls craft kits that featured bracelets and hair accessories (generally speaking) that didn’t turn out to be a very great quality and their girls were never even able to use those particular hair accessories.

We all had a blast and even played a few games such as “Vogue Freeze Dance” and the girls put on a fashion show with what they made.  The girls loved putting on their fashion show and they had a really great time bouncing ideas off one another while making their bracelets and head bands.  There were a lot of chatter and excitement in our house!   It was a lot of fun and some of the moms have never even tried Creativity for Kids sets before and they became a new fan of them!

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Disclaimer:  Party kit and products were provided to me for free from Faber Castell through MomSelect/MommyParties.  I was not paid to write my post or host my party and all opinions are honest and 100% my own but may differ from others.

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