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LeapFrog Touch Magic Rock ‘n Learn Party #LeapFrogTouchMagic @LeapFrog

As a parent, I am a BIG fan of learning toys.  I am very thankful to LeapFrog and MomSelect to host a LeapFrog Touch Magic Rock ‘n Learn in home party.  The kids LOVED the new LeapFrog toys and I love them too along with the other parents that were here.  The new LeapFrog Touch Magic toys are awesome!  I received a party kit that included 2 Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitars and a Touch Magic Learning Bus along with lots of activities for the kids to do!

First thing I have to say about all the LeapFrog Touch Magic toys is that there isn’t any actual buttons.  I absolutely LOVE this (and I have quite a few of my mommy friends that agree) because I don’t know how many toys that ended up having problems with the buttons on them.  Lets face it, toddlers can sometimes be messy and trying to clean sticky buttons so they work properly again sometimes just doesn’t work out as well as you expect them too.  Besides that, I know my son likes to play games on my tablet or iPhone so he’s already used to doing things by touch.  A lot of the other kids that were at our party also use their mommy and daddy’s tablets or phones to play educational games.  I have also always been a strong believer that kids can learn a lot through touch.

Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar

There are 10 different built in songs such as “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Rockin’ Robin”, If Your Happy and You Know It”, the ABC song and more.  The guitar remembers every touch or tap making all the sounds.  I love it because it allows them to learn about music and build their creativity because they can play along with the songs, add sounds to the songs such as a guitar riffs, other silly sounds or even drum beats which also means that each of those 10 songs can become a different musical combinations – over 100!  It’s also great for music role-play, social play, and motor skills.  The role-play and social skills were very apparent when the kids were playing together taking turns creating their own music and each putting on their concert!  I definitely see where the motor skills come into play because they have to touch everything to do what they want including strumming.  The kids LOVED that they can even speed up and slow down a song too!

Touch Magic Learning Bus

This is the same as the guitar – no actual buttons and the bus remembers ever touch, swipe, tap, etc. to make all the sounds.  There are different games that your child can play, and the buss also features a 6 key piano and drums on the wheels.  It also plays “Wheels on the bus”, ABC Song, and an orginal, “Rockin’ School Bus”.  I love it (and of course so did the other moms) because it teaches letter sounds and not just the letters themselves.  Of course it DOES teach letter recognition too.  It also teaches early vocab because all the little pictures on the bus says what each one is.  It’s really nice because all of them also start with the same letter/sound of the letter above it.  There is also creative music play because they can play along with the songs and add drum beats and they also learn about animals and instruments.  Each of the animals on the bus tells what kind of animal they are, a little about them and what instrument they play along with the instrument sound.  Lots to learn with this one!

The Learning bus also sounds really clear which is important when it comes to letter sounds and pronunciation.  All the other parents also agreed with me – they told me about other toys their children have had and it made them wonder how well they really helped when even THEY couldn’t make out the letter sounds and I have to agree on that one!

All the kids had a blast taking turns and playing with the new toys.  I ended up raffling off the extra Touch Magic Guitar with a game that I played with the other moms after learning about it.  The kids had a lot of fun with all the different activities such as making a book, making masks, and other fun stuff!

The books were really cute because they cut out all the animals and glued them on the appropriate pages where it tells the little story about each one.  I loved that LeapFrog also included a “Sharing” activity because that’s one thing all kids should learn.  Plus it fit really well since they were all taking turns with the guitar.  We made a game out of it!  The masks were also a hit too – they each made one of each of the animals.  Overall it was a wonderful party experience and the other moms were happy to take home a $5 off coupon since they loved these toys so much!  I have always been a big fan of LeapFrog – my kids have always had tons of LeapFrog toys and I’m happy to say that LeapFrog has done it again!  Two very big thumbs up!

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Disclaimer:  I received free LeapFrog products which includes the party kit that also included information and printed activities in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored Rock ‘n Learn Party through MomSelect.  The opinions expressed in my post are 100% honest and are my own.

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