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DIY Flea Powder for Your Home – Get Rid of Fleas w/o Using Chemicals & Pesticides – Baking Soda & Salt!

After our first furry family member passed away almost 2 years ago, a few months later our house was infested with fleas.  I couldn’t understand why because even when we had our dog, we never had a flea problem.  I did find out that fleas can lie dormant for a while.  We tried every flea product we could think of and we couldn’t get rid of them.  We flea bombed the house, we use sprays and powders and nothing got rid of them.  My sister told me to try mixing baking soda and salt together and sprinkle it all over my floors and use it just like any other powder you would typically try.  I had never heard of this but I was at the point of trying anything.

Besides the fact that I was tired of trying product after product and wasting the money to do so, I was also tired of taking my kids out of the house to be away from these products.  Fleas are also apparently stupid.  Seriously.  I was also told that if you fill a shallow bowl with soapy water and shine a flashlight on the floor, the fleas will jump into the water when they see the light.  Whether this works or not I have no idea.  I didn’t try that method because I knew there was no way I was going to spend all day on my hands and knees to see if any of our flea friends were ready to commit suicide (whether or not they actually drown is something else I really didn’t care to find out).  Besides that, it’s not like any un-hatched eggs were going to jump into the water.

So I went to the store and bought a big box of baking soda and a big canister of salt.  It really doesn’t matter what brand you buy.  It all works the same.  There really isn’t any measurment requirements or anything.  I just mixed an equal amount of both salt and baking soda.  I ended up using all of it since I had a rather large area to cover.  I waited until the evening to cover my floor with it because I didn’t want to take any chances and wanted to leave it sit overnight.  It’s only baking soda and salt so there wasn’t any worries of any of us breathing in something harmful.  In the morning I vacuumed it up and I swear to you, we didn’t have any more fleas.

They were gone.

There could be a chance you may have to do this once more in a couple weeks.  This will take care of live fleas but if there are eggs, you may have to do this again after they hatch.  We lucked out and didn’t have to.

I will not use anything else again.  I couldn’t believe all the products that we used that can be dangerous that never worked when all it took was baking soda and salt ONE TIME.  We recently had another flea problem because of our newest furry family member that we rescued from the shelter about 9 months ago had a major flea problem.  I knew what it took to take care of them in my home but the new problem we came across was the flea treatments for our pup didn’t work so treating the house was pointless until we were able to get his own flea problem under control.  We went to the vet and got a prescription for chewable tablets and to help the process along, I used my baking soda and salt flea concoction and in one day, no more fleas.

(UPDATE) I’m not sure if this is something you want to use on your dog.  I don’t know if it could possibly be an irritant to your dog’s skin or not.  I never tried putting it on our dog.  He does have very sensitive skin, allergies and later found out that he is allergic to fleas.  The chewable tablets we got (Comfortis) is the only thing we can give him to treat for fleas and the only thing that has worked for him over the last 5 years.  If I ever need to treat my house – this works every single time.

All it took was baking soda and salt.

Another tip:  Since baking soda and salt are basically odorless and you want a little fragrance, add a little talc.  Also, I found vacuuming up the baking soda and salt was SO much easier to sweep up than any powder you would buy too.  It doesn’t stick to the carpet and is easy to clean up.  Different types of carpet may be different.


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20 thoughts on “DIY Flea Powder for Your Home – Get Rid of Fleas w/o Using Chemicals & Pesticides – Baking Soda & Salt!

  1. What die you use to apply the salt and baking soda moisture to your carpets? Some kind of salt shaker? I want to try it at my house ASAP so I can get rid of the fleas for my cats, will this hurt them? Thanks.

    1. I just mixed equal parts in a bowl and just scooped it out with a big kitchen spoon and sprinkled it all over my carpets. Since it’s just baking soda and salt, it shouldn’t hurt your cats. I guess anything could possibly be a skin irritant though but my cats or dog has never had any issues while walking across the floor while I left it overnight.

  2. I have used borax on my carpets and the same day I have my
    2 fur babies a dawn dish soap and white vinegar bath and got rid of the fleas for a week then they were back I should of done the carpets more then once to get rid of the in hatched fleas… I didn’t have a problem all summer we had our local lawn care company come
    Out and treat of mosquitoes and he said what he sprayed also kills fleas and ticks but only last 2-3 months well it did in fact last 2-3 months ! We just got a heat wave the last few weeks and they are back in full force! Going to treat dogs and carpets again today I will be adding baking soda and salt to my borax for the carpets! The borax also give them a fresh smell as well I will let you know if it worked

    1. I have never thought to add borax into the mix. I have heard of dawn dish soap baths but never tried it. We now have a kitten that has fleas and is way too young for any kind of flea treatments so I was going to try the bath and see if it helps her. At least then I can pull as many fleas off her myself as I can. Definitely let me know how it works out!

    1. Use equal parts. I have a really large area so I used a full canister of salt and a full medium box of baking soda so it depends on the size of space you need to cover.

  3. I always use this as I like to use natural products where I can… pure lavender oil added to it is a good way of adding extra flea killing power and makes your rooms smell nice too…

  4. I have had three dogs in my 5 bedroom home and all of which have had major flea problems! I have tired EVERY SINGLE THING there is to try whether it was over the counter, prescription frontline plus as well as almost every home remedy I could find online and NOTHING works!!!! Please help! My poor babies are so irritated by these f*#*#*g things constantly biting and feeding on them!! Frontline used to work but now we are completely and utterly at the mercy of these awful parasites!!! Any advise will be greatly appreciated

  5. Will this worknwith hard wood floors? I have a rug or two inwill sprinkle but just wondering about the wood.

    1. I’m not sure. The only hard floors we have is the linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom and I didn’t use this in those rooms. I would imagine it would take care of the fleas regardless, I just don’t know how well it will sit on the hard floors without moving or blowing around before you swept. You could probably use it on your furniture too. I imagine if you mostly have hard floors, they are probably on your furniture. If you do try it on your hard wood floors, let me know how it turns out.

  6. I am going to try this tomorrow night, I will definitely give u an update we have spent probably $100 or more trying to get rid of them and nothing has worked

  7. I tried it and WOW it works.Thank you so much. I was at the end of my rope and you saved me.

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