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Giant Eagle Wireless – Android LG Optimus Net Review & Smartphone + One Month Unlimited Prepaid Card Giveaway ($150 value)


I was thrilled when I was contacted to try out Giant Eagle’s Prepaid Wireless (NET10 Prepaid).  I was sent and Android LG Optimus Net Smartphone plus a One Month Unlimited Prepaid Card to use with my new phone and check out the NET10 service.  It’s great because there aren’t any contracts, no fees, and you don’t have any fees if you choose not to buy a prepaid card to add to your phone the next month.  That way if things are a little tight one month, there aren’t any worries about fees if you go without service.  I think this is really awesome if you have teens because it also makes it easier to teach them how to be responsible with one.  What I like is that if I take my daughter’s phone away from her for one reason or another, I don’t have to worry about paying a bill each month.  Here’s some safety features that I really love about it.

Key Safety Features:

  • Limit talk time, texts, streaming and downloads
  • Restrict inbound and outbound numbers
  • Restrict phone use while driving
  • Monitor activity
  • GPS tracking

Giant Eagle offers both regular prepaid cell phones and prepaid smartphones.  If your only choice is prepaid and want a smartphone, no problem!  You don’t have to have postpaid monthly service to enjoy having one.  After using the Android LG Optimus Net, I have to say I love this phone!

Setting up and activating the phone was really easy.  I had a little hiccup but that was my own fault.  You can create a NET10 account online and activate your phone from there.  When you activate it, you will need a one month Unlimited NET10 card before it can be activated.  After you create your account, you add your phone by entering the phone’s serial number which is located on the activation card with the phone.  Then enter the zip code you are in, then the PIN on your unlimited card.  After that is submitted, you turn your phone on and it will automatically start trying to connect to the network to complete activation.  It may have to try a couple times.  This phone does connect to WiFi so when activating, make sure that it is not connected via WiFi.  We have wireless at home and I was having a problem getting my phone to activate because it was connected and because of that, couldn’t connect to the network.  After we figured that out, the activation went just fine.  Then of course after it’s activated, it can be connected via WiFi again if you choose to.

I really like the size of the Optimus Net and even though the screen size is on the smaller side when it comes to other smartphones, I like the screen size too.  The screen is sharp and crystal clear too.  I like how everything looks on screen.  Pictures, video, text – it all looks great.  At first it took my eyes to adjust when reading text when I was using the browser because it was so crisp.  It does have a sliding lock screen which is nice.  You can passlock it too if you like.  When I first turned my phone on, there was a little green widget guy that gave me somewhat of a tutorial.  How to move apps and a few other things.  After you read what he says, he even shows you how to get rid of him if you don’t want him on your home screen anymore.  I had to say goodbye to him.

There are 4 buttons on the bottom of the phone.  There’s a menu button, home button, back, and a search buttom.  The search button brings up the Google search engine and the Home button takes you back to the home screen on your phone now matter what you are doing.  The menu button is used for a lot of different things.  If you are using the web browser, pushing the menu button brings up menu choices for web browsing such as opening up a new window.  If you are in your contacts and you want to add a contact, you push the menu button while in your contacts and it will give you choices to create a new one, edit one and so forth.  So depending on what you are doing, the menu options obviously change.  The back button basically goes back to what you had up on your phone last.  It only took me a few minutes to get used to this phone because it’s so easy to use.

Video and sound is really great.  The keyboard is on the touch screen and it can be used holding the phone two ways.  If you turn the phone, what you have on screen moves with the phone.  That also includes the keyboard.  When using the keyboard, I find myself turning the phone because it also makes the keys a little bigger and easier to use.  Scrolling on this phone is a breeze.  I can’t believe how fast it is.  Of course when it’s connected via WiFi it goes a little faster.  Anything will go faster that can be connected via WiFi but even without and you just uses the NET10 network, it’s still pretty fast.  Love it!

I really like that I can organize my music.  I can make playlists and all my music is easy to find.  Again, I think the sound is pretty great.  Even when talking on the phone.  You can make calls directly from your contacts (which you can also add contacts by syncing your Google account) or you can just use the keypad.  You do need a Google account for this phone.  It will also send your gmail to your phone too.  It can be any kind of Google account, you don’t have to actually have gmail.  If you have a YouTube, Google+, Google Analytics, etc., all you have to do is sign in with your username and password because it’s all the same with any Google account if you have any of those particular ones active.  I like the camera and video capabilities.  It takes pretty good pictures and video and I’m pretty happy with the way they turn out.  It doesn’t have a flash though so lighting can sometimes be bothersome but not that often.

There are tons and tons of apps you can download and lots of them that are free too.  Of course one of the first ones that I downloaded was Facebook.  Yep, Facebook.  The app market is really easy to navigate and you can even look through them by category or even search for something specific.  They download pretty quick too.  Another thing that I love about my phone is that I can put my own images and ringtones on the phone.  It includes a 4 GB Micro SD Card which makes the storage for this phone expandable unlike other smartphones out there.  A lot of other smartphones come with internal storage and are not expandable.  The Optimus Net can handle a micro SD card up to 32 GB and those cards are pretty cheap normally so I know I will always have plenty of storage space with this phone.

To charge it, it comes with a USB cable but if you don’t want to charge it by connecting it to your computer, it also comes with an adapter you can plug into a wall.  The battery life is decent for a smartphone.  Obviously, the more you use apps, talk and so forth the faster it’s going to go.  Because it is a smartphone, the battery will go quicker than a regular cell phone.  I have made a few calls a day, checked Twitter or Facebook a few times a day, listened to music while cleaning my kitchen and some other things and didn’t have to charge it until the end of the day.  Even then my battery was only about down to 40%.  Sometimes I think I use it a lot but maybe others may use it more, I don’t know.  But for me, I can use it all day and not have to charge it until evening which of course is fine by me.

When it comes to the network, I haven’t had any problems really.  NET10 gets coverage on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Networks which helps a lot.  We live way out on a country road kind of down in a valley with some wooded areas so every once in a while I might have a dropped call.  I can’t blame that on the Network.  Actually I think it’s really, really good compared to other services we have had previously.  We have friends and family who can’t even use their phones when they are at our house unless they get lucky but for the most part, I can use mine with this network.  Now after I get up the road, I have never had a single problem with the service – ever.  Overall, I think the NET10 network is pretty great.

So after everything I have said, I really love the Android LG Optimus Net.  It’s really fast, and a great phone.  I love the GPS too.  I am happy with the network and service that I get too.  Another great thing is that when I buy my monthly Unlimited card at Giant Eagle, I get my fuel perks.  You get fuel perks for every $50 mobile/wireless purchase which just so happens that the Unlimited is $50 which I also think is a pretty good price for unlimited everything and I don’t have to watch my minutes or usage.  Note: For smartphones, they require the unlimited cards for service.

Buy It:  Visit Giant Eagle stores and check out their mobile services.  Prices for the Optimus Net range from $70-$80 when I looked it up online.  The 30 day unlimited NET10 prepaid cards are $50.  Check out Giant Eagle Mobile Services for more information and all phones they carry.

Win it!  A big thanks to Giant Eagle for allowing me to host a giveaway!  One of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win a NET10 Huawei Ascend II with a 3.5′ touch screen, Android 2.3 OS, and a 5 MP camera/video PLUS a NET10 Unlimited 30 day wireless card!  Approximate value of $150!

Here’s how to enter:

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Disclaimer:  The product(s) was sent to me for free from Giant Eagle for my use and review.  I was not paid to write my review and my opinions are honest and 100% my own although they may differ from others.

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