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I have came to the conclusion that little girls love Pinypon!  I was so excited to have received the opportunity to host a Pinypon party in our home.  This was the first that I have seen them and I fell in love with them myself.  They are really cute and there are so many ways that you can customize and mix and match these adorable little dolls.  Included in my party kit, I received two Pinypon Caravan playsets (one to keep and one to raffle off at my party), two Nenuco dolls (one to keep and one to raffle off at my party) and enough Pinypon dolls for all the girls to take home with them!

The Pinypon Caravan is really cool and the kids loved all the different things about it.  It opens up for easy playing.  There is even a little pool or bath that can be played with water.  There is a little refrigerator that can store little cups and water bottles that came with the set, little shelves that can store the plates and little silverware, and the floor of the caravan has a little storage that can store away the fold up table that came with it.  Just about everything on the caravan actually turns out to be another accessory.  The roof even comes completely off and is actually a paddle boat!  The surfboards also come off and the dolls can “ride” the waves!  What’s great about the boat and the surfboards is that when the dolls are placed on them they stay put.  They have little holes on their feet and they are affixed to the little pegs on the surfboards and boat so they can stay put.

The Caravan is complete with lots of ways to play.  The girls had so much fun setting things up and role-playing with them.  I think it’s wonderful for imaginary play!  But that’s just part of it.  The dolls are completely interchangeable.  This is what had them the most excited.  Of course they had them figured out before I even had all the stickers placed on the Caravan.  I thought this was funny because at first, one of them thought she broke her doll but they were really amazed and their excitement was really entertaining when they discovered the dolls actually had two faces.  Literally.

I feel like I have to explain the face change thing a little bit.  When you take the doll’s hair off, you can turn the head around and then put the hair piece back on and then she has a different face.  The other face is covered up by the hair in the back.  Some of the dolls have faces that are winking, with makeup, sunglasses, and so many different expressions.  I knew that they were interchangeable but I didn’t know they were that interchangeable.  I thought that was really neat!  They also come with little accessories that remind me somewhat of charms in a way.  The back of them have little peg-like things that affix to the little holes on the Pinypon dolls’ hands, bags and purses and in their hair.  This makes them completely customizable especially since their head, hair, body, and legs all come apart allowing them to be mixed and matched with other Pinypon dolls!  You can essentially make an entirely different doll!

We also played a couple games from the game ideas that came with my kit although it was hard to get them to stop playing to do some games.  We ended up playing “Pinypon Scavenger Hunt” which of course they enjoyed but couldn’t wait to get back to the dolls.  We decided to have a fashion show and we took all the Pinypon dolls apart and they basically created whole new dolls out of them.  They loved coming up with their own creations and us moms all agreed that Pinypon allows their creativity to shine through play.  The moms were definitely appreciative of the coupons I was able to hand out because their daughters’ wanted to add them to their Santa list!

I can’t forget about the Nenuco Baby Doll.  They also got to play with it too but the funny thing about it is that even my 3 year old son was interested in it.  It’s because the baby doll actually goes potty and since he’s still in the middle of potty training and he’s still nervous about the potty, it made him a bit more interested in going.  He said, “Oooh, baby doll went potty!!!”  I never thought a doll would make him more interested in going or I would have thought about getting one a lot sooner!

We all had a lot of fun.  The girls discovered a new favorite toy and us moms did too.  I loved being able to share it with them!

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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post however, I received a free party kit with information and products to host my party from Pinypon and Nenuco by Famosa through MommyParties and MomSelect.  Any opinions expressed in my post are 100% my own honest opinions.

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