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Make Your Own Chocolate Kit from GleeGum Review & #Giveaway

I am a fan of GleeGum.  There are a lot of different flavors to choose from and what’s even better is that it’s natural!  I have had other natural gum before and some of them actually fall apart while you are chewing it.  I have never had this problem with GleeGum.  I like the amount of flavor and it lasts long enough for my preference.  Not only does GleeGum obviously have gum, they also have Make Your Own candy kits.  There are three of them that include Make Your Own Gum, Make Your Own Gummies, and Make Your Own Chocolate.

We have tried their Gummies Kit before and our kids had a blast making their gummy candies.  Recently, we tried their Make Your Own Chocolate Kit and couldn’t wait to try it when it arrived.  I love chocolate, who doesn’t?  Along with our kit, we also received some GleeGum too.

This kit makes it easy to make chocolate and of course the ingredients are natural too so that makes it even better!  Included in the kit is organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, confectioner’s sugar, starter crystals, a temperature indicator, paper candy liners, instructions and the story of chocolate which I think it really neat – and educational!  You can make your chocolate either by using your microwave or by using a double boiler.  When it comes to chocolate and the microwave, I always seem to have some kind of issue so I went with my double boiler.

How to make it!

You start by melting the cocoa butter.  When you get it out, don’t be alarmed when you find that it is hard.  It’s actually supposed to be that way.  I kind of crumbled it a little when I put it in my boiler to melt it.  However, regardless of whether you do that or not, it melts pretty easy.  When it’s completely melted, it kind of looks like melted butter or margarine.  Once it’s melted, remove from heat and add the cocoa powder and confectioner’s sugar and mix well.  After it cools, put the temp indicator on the bowl or boiler because you are going to heat it again until it reaches 94 degrees F.

You can also add vanilla at this point if you choose (it’s optional but the instructions tell you how much if you choose to).  While you are re-heating, heat for another three minutes.  By that time the temp should have reached what it’s supposed to.  The temp indicator even shows green when it’s ready.  While you are heating, keep stirring.  The more you stir the better.  This is another reason why I love this kit because when I was making it with our kids, they were actually learning why you should do this.  It explains that oil and water don’t mix well and stirring chocolate as it is heating and melting, actually helps to get the moisture out of it.  The more you stir, the better it works!

Once your chocolate has reached it’s temp, it’s ready to add the starter crystals.  The kit also explains that chocolate needs to be “tempered” and also explains what that means too.  Like I said, very informative!  Chocolate crystalizes when it’s being “tempered”, it’s brought to a certain temperature.  This kit comes with starter crystals (chocolate that has already gone through the process) so that when you add it, your chocolate is already starting the process.  When chocolate is tempered and crystalized correctly, when it hardens, that’s what gives it that shiny look.  If you don’t achieve the shiny look, your chocolate is not going to taste any different at all.  It’s like an experiment more than anything which is what makes this kit so fun.

Anyway, after you add the starter crystals and it’s mixed well so that you have really melty smooth chocolate, you can then pour it into your candy wrapper liners.  I opted to spoon it out because I would have made a huge mess if I poured it.  You can also get creative too.  Since I was working with the stove, I did all the melting work.  I let our kids put some marshmallows or nuts in the wrapper cups before I spooned the chocolate into them.  So we ended up with some plain, some with marshmallow and some with peanuts!

How does it taste?

Excellent!  I thought it tasted really good and so did the rest of my family.  Kids loved it and I couldn’t believe it was dark chocolate.  I usually prefer milk chocolate but the flavor of this dark chocolate was really, really good.  I can’t even believe it’s natural!  Overall, we loved it.  It was like an experiment for my kids and I love how the story of chocolate was included. What it comes from, where it came from and how it became what it is today.  Pretty interesting.  And my kids really enjoyed learning about the process and making chocolate from scratch.  Anytime I melt chocolate for anything, I just use baker’s chocolate.  Never thought I would ever make any from scratch!

Buy It:  Visit GleeGum for more information on where to buy.  You can buy their kits for $13.95 or buy all three together for $29.30 for their Holiday Special at 30% off!

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