Blooming Bath for Babies Baby Bath Seat/Tub Review & Giveaway


I was contacted to review a Blooming Bath not long ago and when I checked it out on their site, I couldn’t wait to review it.  What is a Blooming Bath?  Well, it’s a giant flower that it used as a baby bath tub that fits any sink.  How cute is that to wash your baby in a giant flower?!


The Blooming Bath comes in blue, pink, yellow and ivory.  I chose the blue and when it took it out of the box, I couldn’t believe how big, soft, and plushy it was.  It’s handmade with really soft materials – and I mean really soft, and the petals are only attached to the center of the flower in a way that the petals can be moved, overlapped, and manipulated to fit any sink.  My sister has been staying with us with her little boy and I felt that using our Blooming Bath was best suited for her little guy who is 5 months old.  One thing I always hated when giving babies baths is using those hard plastic baby bath tubs and you find yourself hunched over a bath tub with baby in the baby bathtub inside the tub.  Wow, that was a mouthful.  Half the time they would still slide around in those tubs too because they just aren’t made to hold baby snug.  Then if the padding on those tubs get soapy, they almost always get slippery too which makes baby slide around in their own baby tub.


Fitting the Blooming Bath in my kitchen sick was a sinch.  Before we used it, I was wondering if it could really work because I have one of those big farmhouse-like kitchen sinks.  Not a single problem.  The petals formed in the sink really well and still overlapped each other a little bit.  What’s great about it is that it can be formed in a way for babies who aren’t even close to sitting up yet can lie back in in and babies who are sitting (even if just a little or by support) can also sit in the flower.  My nephew is stitting with support and is on the verge of sitting by himself.  He just doesn’t catch himself.  In my big kitchen sink, he can relax a bit lying back in the flower and in my bathroom sink, we fit the petals a little more snug and he was able to sit up on his own.

He always disliked bath time because he doesn’t like his plastic baby bath.  Unlike his plastic baby tub, the Blooming Bath cradles babies and makes it a lot more comfortable and soft.  I still can’t believe how soft it is.  It is very cushy though and it’s like a pillow against a hard sink.  Another thing, who wants to be in a cold hard plastic tub when you can be in something this comfy?  It obviously doesn’t hold water which my sister and I both like so that baby isn’t sitting in dirty water.  While washing baby, make sure the water coming out of the faucet is the right temp and it’s steady.


My nephew loved bath time ever since my sister has been using it.  She’s got a couple more days with me and when she leaves, she’s going to take the Blooming Bath with her.  She absolutely loves it.  So much easier standing at the sink rather than on the floor over a bath tub.  As wiggly as her little guy is, there isn’t any sliding either.  He can wiggle all he wants!  I think the makers of the Blooming Bath is genious.  It’s absolutely fabulous.  So convenient, so much easier, baby is so much more comfortable, sink baths are so much easier for mom, and just look at it.  It’s so ridiculously cute!

Cleaning it is really easy.  The baby bath shampoo and water just go through it so all you have to do is squeeze the excess water out.  The water comes out really well.  You can either hang it up by the tag on the back of it or just throw it in the dryer alone (dryer instructions comes with it) for about 10 minutes and your good to go.  I would definitely recommend the Blooming Bath for any baby!  If I had 10 thumbs, I would give it 10 thumbs up!  It’s a winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and with very good reason!  I have been telling every person I know about the Blooming Bath who have babies or know someone with babies!  My sister still raves to her friends and other people she knows too about it!

Buy It:  Visit Blooming Bath for Babies website to buy yours in one of the fabulous colors for $39.99.  So VERY worth every penny!

Win It!  Thanks to Blooming Bath, one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win a Blooming Bath in the color of their choice!  This giveaway is open to both the U.S. AND Canada!

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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  Blooming Bath for Babies provided product(s) to me for free for my use and review.  Product for giveaway is also provided from Blooming Bath.  Any opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own honest thoughts although they may differ from others.

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36 thoughts on “Blooming Bath for Babies Baby Bath Seat/Tub Review & Giveaway

  1. Learned that it is a Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winning product. Love the design and that it is made of soft plush material. Thanks!

  2. I learned that The Blooming Bath is manufactured in Mexico and China but they would love to manufacture in the US and are actively looking for a cost effective option. That is great they want to move it to the USA!

  3. I am having a baby in July, and I would love to win this! I’ve always had a hard time bathing my babies in a traditional baby bathtub, so I’d love to give this a try!

  4. I love that it is soft and plush…comfy for a baby to sit in and have a bath! It also fits right in the sink do you don’t have to break your back bending over the tub! :o) I also love the pretty, vibrant colors it comes in!

  5. Cutest thing ever!!! I love that babies just look so cute in these – I think it would make every bath time photo shoot time! How awesome that it is safe and comfortable. How smart that it can go in the dryer too!

  6. I love how that it doesn’t hold water so the baby isn’t sitting in dirty water, and that you can put it in the dryer. Great colors too!

  7. I learned that 4 dad’s co-founded and invented it!

    Eric Devericks was a professional cartoonist. Brian Pond designed golf putters. David Morelock loved to surf. And Tom Morris was a proud geek.

  8. I learned that Blooming Bath’s plush materials cradle and cushion your baby like no other baby tub can.

  9. I love the fact that when you are done using it you can wring it out and hang it up with the loop on the backside, or throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes!

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