FREE Feather Stylus for All Touchscreen Devices from Deal Fisher (with free shipping)


Free Feather Stylus for All Touchscreen Devices

If you were trying to get this yesterday, you may not have been able too.  They were having server problems.  I just tried today and got my order to go through!

Head over to Deal Fisher and sign up as a new member.  After doing that, update your shipping address from your account (it seems to work easier with the checkout process if you do that first)

Then “like” them on facebook.  You can use the facebook button on their site and it won’t take you away from the page.

Hit buy now on the Feather Stylus which should be on the home page.

When you are at checkout, Deal Fisher doesn’t require you to fill out any billing info or credit card info because your total is $0.

When I ordered mine, I got one error and and when I hit the back button, I got this message:


So, it’s possible you may get an error but overall it seems to be working fine for the most part.  A lot of others who were trying to get one yesterday are now saying they are getting their orders to go through too.  I also received my confirmation email.  Thanks Deal Fisher!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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