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Charmin Freshmates Review @vocalpoint #FreshmatesClean


Have you ever tried Charmin Freshmates?  I received a chance to try them from Vocalpoint along with an exclusive towel.  I think they are great and so does the rest of my family.  And they don’t smell like a baby wipe.  It’s pretty nice!

About Charmin® Freshmates®:

“Would you bathe with just a dry towel alone and expect to get clean? Charmin® Freshmates® are made with just the right amount of moisture so when used with dry toilet paper, you get a thorough clean.”


Freshmates come in a plastic dispenser tub.  They are also in a plastic package inside the tub that you open first.  This is nice because it keeps them moist and keeps them from drying out.  Just feed the top sheet through the opening and then through the opening of the tub and when you take one out, the next sheet comes through ready for use.  I like the tub because it snaps closed and has a button to push to open it.  It’s also refillable as well.

I have these sitting on the back of our toilet all the time now.  I like them because when adding one of them to dry toilet paper, it makes for a better clean and a more comfortable one at that.  Even with the softest toilet paper.  There are a couple things that make me shy away from using any kind of wet wipes in this manner.  First of all, I don’t like ones that remind me too much of baby wipes.  Baby wipes are great to use when changing baby’s diaper but they aren’t something I would want to use.  It’s different.  I like Freshmates because they aren’t “soapy” and they aren’t too wet.  They have the right amount of moisture.

They have a very, very light scent that doesn’t smell like a baby wipe.  They are thick and the way they are designed, they are really hard to tear.  Even if you might think your toilet paper may rip or tear while cleaning, you won’t have to worry about that when you double up with a Freshmate.

They clean really well and they are really soft.  Like I said, they are too wet making you feel weird or uncomfortable after using them.  I also like them because our youngest is potty training.  He can’t get himself clean very well with just toilet paper and it’s kind of nice having something that doesn’t have a strong scent.  Another thing about other bath wipes being too wet makes cleaning a little more difficult as strange as that may sound.  We have used other kinds for our son and nothing works as well as Charmin Freshmates.

And of course any time you need a wipe, they are always handy for cleaning hands or faces as well without leaving a “soap like” residue.  They don’t leave skin feeling sticky either which is a big plus for me.  My whole family uses them and the best thing about them is that they are flushable.  That’s a bit important for us because I don’t have to worry if our kids forget and flush something that isn’t designed to flush!  I think Charmin Freshmates are pretty awesome.

Buy It:  You can buy Charmin Freshmates at most stores in the toiletry or personal care aisle.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  By being a Vocalpoint member, I was sent a package of Charmin Freshmates along with an exclusive Charmin towel from Vocalpoint.  My thoughts and opinions are honest and 100% my own and may differ from others.

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