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SmartChips & SmartSticks Dog Treats from PetMatrix Review & Giveaway


We had our first dog for almost 12 years and I remember he had always had digestive problems.  One thing that I had always given him was rawhide bones and/or treats.  They were good for his teeth and they lasted a while instead of being devoured in less than 5 minutes.  I had asked my vet at one time about his digestion and he had asked us if he eats rawhide bones.  After we learned that rawhide doesn’t digest properly I read more about it.  I also didn’t like that chemicals are used to process rawhide.  Ever since then, we stopped buying rawhide altogether.  After we stopped giving it to our dog, he was able to do his business a lot better.

After we lost him (old age) and were ready to rescue another dog, I continued my “no rawhide” diet for him too.  The problem I have is when looking for something similar for chewing, it can sometimes be hard finding something without rawhide.  I will find something that he really likes and then for some reason have a hard time finding them at the store again.  That happens to me quite often with many things.  When I was contacted to try SmartChips and SmartSticks, of course I was thrilled about the opportunity.  I was sent a 10 pack of Chicken SmartSticks and 12 pack of Peanut Butter SmartChips for my dog to try.  SmartChips and SmartSticks by PetMatrix were recently added to their first product, SmartBones.


Chew treats or bones are good for dogs because eating just dog food or other soft treats isn’t enough to help keep your dog’s mouth, gums and teeth healthy.  Without chew treats, their mouths don’t get enough exercise as strange as that may sound.  without them, their teeth can disused and plaque-ridden.  I don’t know about you but I would rather my dog have something to chew on than to try and brush his teeth.  SmartChips and SmartSticks are 100% rawhide free.  Which is a relief to me since I had completely stopped buying rawhide.  They are 99% digestible so no worries there.

So if they are not made with rawhide, what are they made with?  They are made with real chicken!  Yep, real, dried chicken breast.  They may not last as long as a rawhide chew but they last long enough that I feel Dooley gets what he needs out of them.  They are hard like a rawhide chew but maybe not as hard if that makes sense.  They only reason I say that is because he chews through them in about a half hour to an hour.  It could be because my dog seems to be able to devour even his most durable toys.  Another great thing about them is that they actually are fortified with vitamins and minerals with vegetable on the outside and real chicken on the inside.

Another weird thing to say about dog treats is that they smell good to me.  They really smell like chicken.  A lot of dog food doesn’t even have a distinct smell to them so it makes me feel like he’s really getting close enough to the same thing.  SmartChips and Smart Sticks come in both chicken and peanuts butter.  The peanut butter is flavor is also made with real peanut butter.  The more real ingredients there are, they happier I am!

I can say that Dooley’s teeth and gums look great and he absolutely loves them.  Right now as I am writing this up, he is staring at me wanting one (I have them sitting on my desk to reference to them) even though I already gave him one today.  I usually only give him one every other day.  My dog loves them, they are safe, contain no rawhide, healthy for his teeth and gums as they promote healthy dental care, and are fortified with vitamins and minerals – so of course I love them too!

For more information, please visit or call 877.336.DOGS (3647).

Buy It:  You can buy SmartSticks and SmartChips at fine pet stores or buy online at  SmartSticks 5 pack – $5.99 or 10 pack – $11.96.  SmartChips 12 pack – $9.49.  Both come in either chicken or peanut butter flavor.

Win It!  Thanks to PetMatrix (SmartBones), one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win one bag of SmartChips and one bag of SmartSticks for their furry family member!

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Disclaimer:  This is not a compensated post.  I was sent product(s) for free from PetMatrix/SmartBones for my use and review.  Sponsoring company also provided helpful information and is also supplying giveaway prize.  My thoughts and opinion are completely honest and are 100% my own.

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19 thoughts on “SmartChips & SmartSticks Dog Treats from PetMatrix Review & Giveaway

  1. I love the fact it is made from real ingredients, it is so time consuming making my pups treats from scratch. I am learning of new alternatives, even though every now and again I will still make the homemade treats!

  2. OH I LOVE that their is no rawhide in it and that its Made with real, dried chicken breast!!!! Sounds wonderful!

  3. I LOVE that’s there’s no rawhide in them! I actually tried the Peanut Butter Smart bones, & our Siberian Husky LOVES them!!!! Thanks for the chance….

  4. I learned how rawhides and Dingo chews were invented, why dogs shouldn’t eat rawhides, that most dogs don’t chew rawhides so they don’t get the teeth cleaning benefits, and many other interesting facts.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. I think my pups would like the peanut butter flavored smart chips the best! I like that they are real chicken and veggies combined in one product.

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