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Tortle – FDA-Cleared Baby Beanie Designed to Combat Flat Head Syndrome (Giveaway)


I have just recently heard about Tortle not too long ago and was thrilled to have the opportunity to post about it because of our experiences with our youngest son when he was a baby.  Tortle is a beanie or cap for baby that is designed to combat “Flat head syndrome“.  Tortle was created by Dr. Jane, a neonatologist and pediatrician.  She is a mom of 4 and all of her kids were born premature.  Over the years of caring for her patients from infancy to adolescence, s he noticed an increase in Plagiocephaly and Torticollis.  Plagiocephaly is the flattening of baby’s head – “Flat head syndrome” and Torticollis refers to unbalanced neck muscles.

baby with tortle

We have 3 kids.  With all of our kids, we always did our best to prevent Flat Head Syndrome by moving their head from side to side when they were sleeping or anytime they were laying down.  Even in the carseat or stroller.  Our older two kids avoided Flat Head Syndrome but we weren’t as lucky with our youngest who is now three years old.  I have always thought it to be just a cosmetic thing to happen until our son ended up developing a slight flat spot on his head.  Babies that end up with Flat Head Syndrome can actually cause cognitive & motor delays and also hearing and sight problems.

See what these moms had to say:

“Flathead Syndrome includes both Plagiocephaly (the flattening of the baby’s skull) and Torticollis, (unbalanced neck muscles).  The Tortle promotes proper head and neck movement, which is essential for appropriate development.”

Even though our kids are older, I still wanted to write this post because I felt it was important to share this information and to write about our own experience with our son.  Part of the problem was that we had a hard time repositioning his head because of his neck muscles.  I didn’t even know that Flat Head Syndrome included BOTH Plagiocephaly and Torticollis.  He had a little difficulty moving his neck because his neck muscles were a little off balance.  We took him to his pediatrician as soon as we noticed his slight flat spot on his head.  She gave us plenty of tips on what to do to correct it before it became worse or became permanent.  Thankfully, it did correct itself.

When he was about a year and a half old, we noticed that one of his eyes would sometimes go off on it’s own and we thought that maybe he had a lazy eye.  At the time, we didn’t think it had anything to do with his flat spot he used to have because when we went to have it checked out, he appeared to be fine without any concerns that he could have other problems.  We then took him to see an optometrist at Children’s Hospital.  He didn’t have a lazy eye but we found out that it was a problem with the muscles around his eye.  It wasn’t confirmed that it had any relation to the flat spot he used to have because his eye problem had to do with other muscles but it still makes me wonder.  They really couldn’t tell us on way or the other if it was related.  I am very happy to tell you all that his eyesight is fabulous!

He did have a few motor delays.  He was delayed with eating with a spoon or fork, climbing up stairs or climbing on the furntiture even though he sat up and walked well on time.  He also had a little bit of a speech delay and we had Help Me Grow come out to work with him on that so they also worked with him on his motor delays.  After about a year, he was completely caught up.  Now he’s a typical 3 1/2 year old little boy (he’s still my baby) who likes to get into just about anything and likes to drive his momma crazy!  After what we have experienced, I would highly recommend the Tortle.  I wish we had one when he was a baby because I about flipped out when he developed that flat spot.

Check out what Dr. Jane has to say and how to use a Tortle:


Remember, Flat Head Syndrome is not just a cosmetic thing.  It can cause many problems and it’s a real problem.  About 48% of babies develop a flat spot and have Flat Head Syndrome.  It seems to be growing since 1 out of 2 babies end up getting it.  Using a Tortle is a GREAT way to prevent it from happening instead of trying to fix the problem after it happens.

Some more information about Tortle:

What is a Tortle?

  • A cost-effective, stylish and comfy beanie for baby specifically designed to help prevent positional plagiocephaly and torticollis, or flat head syndrome.
  • Tortle encourages a healthy range of head motion while keeping baby’s head from flattening.
  • Tortle can be worn whenever the infant is supervised and resting in a crib, car seat, bouncer, swing or stroller.
  • Available in Classic White, Sweet Pink Flowers and Whimsical Blue Elephants (At retail December 2012)  Additional Tortle styles will be added for Spring/Summer 2013.
  • Machine washable, lightweight knit beanie (95% cotton/5% spandex)
  • Three sizes to fit infants up to 20 pounds
    • S  0-2 months / 5-10 lbs
    • M 2-4 months / 10-15 lbs
    • L  4-6 months / 15-20 lbs
    • Most helpful when used from birth until the infant is sitting up and no longer sleeping most hours of the day or night
    • FDA-cleared patented Class 1 medical device that easily travels with baby
    • Recommended retail price of $19.99
    • Available at beginning December 2012


Buy It:  You can buy yours for $19.99 by visiting Tortle.  It comes in three different colors/designs.  Again, I highly recommend Tortle!

Win It!  Thanks to the company, one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win a Tortle!

Here’s how to enter:

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For more in depth Giveaway Rules, please see my Giveaway Rules page!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for my post.  For posting the information about Tortle and sharing my experiences, I was given the opportunity to host a giveaway along with my post.  Giveaway prize will be provided to the winner for free from Tortle/PR Rep.

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  1. I learned that by alternating Tortle’s positioning roll from left to right (behind baby’s ears) with each feeding, parents alleviate the flat spots and neck tightness that newborns often develop.

  2. I learned you should alternate the sides when baby is sleeping…had never heard of this before…we have our 2nd grandchild due in june so i’m glad I read about this. thank you!

  3. I’d never heard of the Tortle hat before. I think it’s a great way to prevent flat head syndrome/.

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