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Shake Up Your Wake Up with Silk Fruit & Protein #SilkFruit @LoveMySilk #paid


I was recently asked if I would like to participate in a sponsored post for Silk through SocialMoms to write about Silk Fruit & Protein.  Of course I was thrilled for the opportunity especially since my family has already tried it.  Our typical breakfast usually consisted with a glass of orange juice or other juice.   Juice is a weird thing for me.  I am constantly looking at ingredients and switching up which juice I buy.  If I didn’t already buy Silk Soymilk, I may not have even found Silk Fruit & Protein.  That’s one of the reasons for this post.  To create awareness to consumers.  Silk introduced Fruit & Protein with Mixed Berry last year as an alternative to juice and they used to come in quart size packaging.  Now into this year, they are shifting to half gallon packaging which includes three flavors – Mixed Berry, Mango Peach and Strawberry Banana.  Which are all really good I might add!  The biggest part of making consumers aware is that Silk Fruit&Protein is not found with other juice.  It’s found near other Silk products and other plant-based drinks such as soymilk and almond milk.

As I mentioned before, I am already a Silk customer.  I started buying Silk mainly for our youngest son because he does better with it than dairy milk.  None of my 3 kids have ever really been big milk drinkers other than eating it on dry cereal.  It never really bothered me much because they always get the recommended calcium and vitamin D in other foods.  At least my older two do.  Our youngest doesn’t and since he has a mild problem with dairy milk every once in a while, I started buying Silk.  Then I started buying it more often because the rest of my family likes it and it’s healthier.  Since we normally have juice with breakfast whether it’s waffles, toast or cereal with milk, I thought I would give Silk Fruit & Protein a try instead of regular juice.  That way, we all get calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C since it’s a great source of all three.  It’s also a great source of protein that other juices don’t have.  It’s a really great tasting fruit blend and my kids will tell you the same thing.  Our daughter really likes Mango Peach and my two sons’ favorite is the Mixed Berry.  Strawberry Banana is really good too.

I always make sure that my kids get a good breakfast for heading off to school.  I honestly think that switching to Silk Fruit & Protein from juice with breakfast has made a difference.  I know I feel fuller with drinking it with my breakfast and they seem more ready to go in the morning.  They aren’t as sluggish so I am assuming they feel like they have a more full or complete breakfast too.  I know that sometimes the sluggishness comes from getting enough sleep the night before like when my daughter gets caught reading a book in the middle of the night.  But for the most part, they do get plenty of sleep and still feel that way heading to school (sometimes).  I feel a more complete, healthy and full feeling breakfast gives them that extra energy in the morning and I really think that adding Fruit&Protein has helped with that.  That’s been the only thing I have changed with our kids’ breakfast.

Now that the weather has been nice and we are in the Spring months now, I like to go outside in the mornings.  This is the time when I like to get yard work done, work on getting my little garden and flower beds ready, etc.  After breakfast on the weekends, a great way that we “Shake up our wake up” is to head outside after breakfast.  We get going in the morning, get some fresh air and get a good start to our day.  We live out in the country so sometimes we go for walks to see what flowers are growing, the boys like to see what they can find near the creek bed and my daughter likes to collect rocks.  I think after having breakfast, getting a good start to the day makes for a great rest of the day.  School will be out for the summer at the end of next month so it won’t be just a weekend morning thing.

Adding more healthier things in our diets and getting plenty of exercise has been a plan of mine for my whole family.  I am glad I came across Silk Fruit & Protein to add to our diet.  I love the fact that there are no GMO’s, and are free of lactose, cholesterol, gluten, eggs, casein, or MSG.

Buy It:  You can buy Silk Fruit & Protein at most stores/grocers.  Check here on where to buy it.  Remember, it’s not located in the juice section.  Look for it near other Silk products and plant-based products.  Click here to enjoy $1 off Silk Fruit & Protein!

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Are planning on trying Silk Fruit & Protein or have you already?  Which one will you try first or which is your favorite?  Comment and let us know!

Disclaimer:  This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Silk blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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