Spring Bird Nest Cupcakes – Perfect for Spring or Easter #Easter #spring #cupcakes


These are the cupcakes I made not too long ago.  It was around Easter when I made them and my kids thought they were really neat.  I made 48 cupcakes (2 cake mixes) and used 4 cans of chocolate icing.  I have never made nests out of the icing on cupcakes before and I didn’t have anything to go by.  I just had it in my head and kind of went with it as I went.

I first started off by making a circle of the icing around the top of the cupcake.  I did this so that I could use it as a base when I got to the rest of it.  I just used the regular size “star” shaped tip on my pastry bag.  Using the star shaped tip also gave it lines inderneath too to help contrast a little with the rest of the icing.

After I put the circle or ring around all my cupcakes I changed my tip to the small round one so that the icing came out in small lines.  I had a better idea in my head but it wasn’t working out as well as I thought.  I ended up just going back and forth across the base circle all the way around it.  I did end up filling a little in the centers as well.  The reason for the base circle was that the nests had a bowl-like shape.

After my nests were complete, I added some egg shaped candy and used different colors.  My candy of choice was Easter Egg Reese’s Pieces.  I just added 3 of them to the centers!

These were actually the easiest and quickest cupcakes I have done in a while!  Only took me about a half hour to decorate all 48 of them.

Enjoy and don’t forget to pin it if you like it!

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