Buy (2) 8 Count Boxes Kellogg’s PopTarts, Get a Free Kellogg’s Reusable Shopping Bag at Kroger


I went into Kroger yesterday to pick up a few things I needed that I forgot to pick up when I got groceries the day before.  Happens pretty often to me.  Anyway, I saw these adorable Kellogg’s Reusable Shopping bags and the display says you get one free when you buy two 8 count Kellogg’s PopTarts.

My kids don’t eat PopTarts all the time but I do buy them because sometimes in the mornings getting ready for school, it’s easier to grab one out of the cupboard and make it out to the bus on time.  I went ahead and bought some because Kroger had them for only $1.99.

There are a couple different bags to choose from and they are all really cute, great size too.  Along with the bag were coupons $10 in savings.  Which included savings on Kashi cereal, Kashi Steam Meal (which is awesome because I buy Kashi cereal for myself) and wanted to try the Steam Meal.  Savings on GE energy smart light bulbs, and $5 off Rayovac Rechargeable Charger and $2 off Rayovac Rechargeable batteries.

I don’t know how long the PopTarts will be on sale for $1.99.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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