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Turn Your Child’s Crib into a Chalkboard Table! #diy


Has your growing toddler gotten out of his crib and moved into a toddler bed?  Don’t know what to do with that crib?  Our 3 year old finally got out of his crib and after he slept all night in his big boy bed, I had to do something with his crib immediately so he didn’t have it to fall back on.  I had originally planned on giving his crib to my sister but she couldn’t wait any longer since he was taking so long transitioning so she got one herself.

Anyway, since I don’t have anyone to hand it off too, I decided to turn it into a chalkboard table.  I saw this idea on Pinterest!  The picture is pretty much explanatory.  As long as you have a crib that has the solid sheet of wood to support the mattress, you can turn it into a table of fun.

First, I took the wooden part and took it down to the basement and used spray on chalkboard paint.  The kind we used says to leave it dry for 24 hours and to prepare it to use, completely cover with chalk and then wipe it off.  I don’t know why but just follow the directions on your paint can.  After that, I put it back on his crib.  You obviously need to remove the front side rail.  

I added a few things such as a bucket that holds some of his books and I also added a couple wire racks.  I decided to zip tie those to the railings so that they were completely secure.  That way he had a place to put is chalk and other things and it’s also easy shelving that won’t take up space on the table top.  I did order one of those felt calendars (that include the days of the week, weather, and other stuff) for him because I thought it would look cute to add to the back side.

Another idea (which I am going to wait until he’s a little older) is to transform the other side of the now chalkboard table top into a dry erase board.  When I bought my chalkboard paint, I saw dry erase paint!  I had never seen it before.  So I think when he’s a little older when he’s able to switch the table top over so I don’t have to keep going in there to do it for him, I am going to get some and do the other side with that.  But we will see.  He just might grow out of it by then.

So that’s all it takes!  The only thing I bought was the paint.  I already had everything else.  I did end up getting some regular size chalk though because sidewalk chalk was a little messier and regular chalk was easier for him to use on the table.


I have another project that hubby and I finished and I will post that soon.  For now I’ll just say we had some fun painting our picnic table!

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