#Free Boogie Wipes Save the Sleeve Kit – 1,000 Each Month (Randomly Selected) #ad #giveaways


Take the Save the Sleeve Pledge and then fill in the form for a chance to get a Free Boogie Wipes Save the Sleeve Kit!

Each month, 1,000 people who took the pledge will get a free Boogie Wipes Save the Sleeve kit.

If you were randomly selected to receive a free kit, you will be notified via email the first week of the following month.

You can do this monthly, only one pledge will be accepted each month.

I received one of these kits myself a few months ago (you may remember seeing it in one of my previous posts after I received it).  Mine came with a really cute plush Boogs toy, backpack badge (button pin), tattoos, Boogie Wipes samples and coupons and coloring pages.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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