2 FREE Scholastic Books with Mini Missions – Earn 2 Free Books or Other Freebies Monthly


Get 2 Free Scholastic Books!  Sign up for Scholastic Mini Missions and complete monthly mini missions to earn 2 Free Scholastic Books or other freebies.

To get yours, follow the link above to register and then complete your mini mission for August.

August Mission is about your family breakfast meals.  Eat breakfast with your family for 5 days.  Click on “upload entry” and list the foods you had for breakfast that day.  You will have to do this for each day.  Since it’s already August 15, I was able to complete the whole mission already.  Do each one separately.  You will see your progress after you add each entry.

Once you have completed the mission, click on “submit your mission”.  You will see a “Congratulations” that you completed it.  You will also see something like the image below telling you what your reward is and when you should receive your 2 free books.  You also automatically enter your school into their sweepstakes for great prizes.


Make sure you log back in next month to complete next month’s mission to earn more books or other freebies!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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