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Do It Yourself – Ohio State Buckeye Picnic Table #diy #buckeyes #ohiostate


My husband and I actually did this a few months ago.  It was one of our summer projects.  It did take a couple weeks to finish because we ended up having rain for a week straight after we started so we had to move it to our basement.  Due to the fact that it couldn’t sit out in the sun, we waited a couple days in between painting.  My husband sends me a text right before leaving work and says “Let’s get a picnic table and paint it scarlet and grey with a block O on the table top” out of the blue.  I agreed because I loved the idea but somehow I got pegged to do the block O because he said he couldn’t do something like that.  Like I could?!  It didn’t turn out so bad when it was finished though and I was very pleased.


First, we needed a picnic table.  Neither my husband nor I are handy at cutting wood so we bought a picnic table kit.  All of the wood was pre-cut so all we had to do was build it.  After we had it built, we started painting.  Of course we made sure that the wood was free of any dirt or dust.  I thought about sanding the tabletop but decided against it.

As I stated earlier, we started outside but moved it to our basement.  Painting it was pretty basic until we got to the table top.  Everything but the top of the table and the bench seats on the picnic table were painted grey.  The table top and the bench seats were painted scarlet.  We painted all the grey areas and the tops of the parts that are scarlet first.  Painted as much as we could with the table sitting upright.  After a couple of days of letting the paint dry, we went down and put down a large blanket over the area rug we had down there because we already had the table top painted.  Then we carefully flipped the table over.  Once it was flipped over, we finished up with the scarlet and grey to cover as much underneath as possible because we didn’t want anything unpainted underneath to be visible when the table sat upright.

On the table top, we also measured a square in the center that was a few inches bigger than the stencil we bought.  That square was painted white so that way we weren’t trying to paint a red block O over a surface that was already red.

We did go through this process of flipping it over twice because we wanted two coats of paint on it.  After about a week, we (or rather me) was ready to paint the block O.  There was no way I was doing it by hand so we bought a licensed peel and stick stencil.  After we had it on the table, the block O was easy to paint.  That was until we peeled the stencil off after the paint was dry.  Some of the paint seeped or bled through other areas where it shouldn’t have been which required a lot of touch up work.  If I had sanded down the table top, it probably would have looked a lot better when we removed the stencil but I wanted the un-sanded look for my table even though we painted it.  This took a lot of time and patience!  I was pleased when I was done though!


It took about 4 hours to touch it all up.  Of course I had to use thin paint brushes to do this!  Below I have listed what we needed and what our cost was – doesn’t include the time it took though!  It was totally worth it.  After it was completely done, we sprayed it with clear outdoor all weather protectant.  Now we have a really pretty scarlet and grey Ohio State Buckeye picnic table!

What you need: (Prices listed below are what we actually paid)

Picnic table kit – $89 at Lowes (of course if you already have a picnic table you can scratch that off your list.  If you are equipped to cut your own wood, you can probably buy the wood and build your picnic table cheaper.)

Half gallon of Scarlet (red) paint and grey paint – $18

Pint size Black paint and white paint – $10

Peel and Stick stencil – $20

Can of outdoor all weather protectant – $5

Paint brushes (large, small and very small) – $3 (we went with cheap disposable ones)

Total – $145  I don’t think that’s too bad!

I can’t remember which brand of paint we used but it was definitely lead free and for all weather outdoors.  It doesn’t fade in the sun, doesn’t chip and it’s been painted for a few months and looks just as good as it looked when we first painted it.  I wish I could remember the brand but can’t.  We have definitely gotten a lot of use out of it this summer!  And it goes great with the Buckeye gazebo we have in our yard along with our Buckeye grill cover too!

Enjoy!  Now I’m looking forward to some football this Saturday!!!


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