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Cake Decorating – Despicable Me Minion Cake (How To) #CakeDecorating #Minions #DispicableMe


Despicable Me Minion Cake – You may have seen my Minion cake photo I shared on my facebook page.  If not, here it is!  I made these for my now 4 year old’s birthday party. He absolutely loved them! They were actually pretty easy to decorate.  I found this idea on and a couple of my instructions are slightly different to save me some time.  Check out below how to do it!


Getting Started

Cut the corners and round them off, do a “crumb layer” and refrigerate for at least half an hour, cover the whole cake with yellow icing, create the overalls at one end (about a quarter of the cake) in blue icing, use sandwich cookies for the eyes.  Add a thick layer of white icing on the top of the cookies and then place it on the cake.  Next pipe gray icing (using black food coloring and white icing) using a large round tip around the eye (s).  Then add Hershey Kiss on the eye and overalls.  Use black icing for the goggle bands.


Sprinkle silver candy sprinkles around the goggles to give them a silvery look.  Cut pieces of black licorice rope to use as hair and mouth.  You can also use it to outline overalls and goggle bands if you choose.  I was getting frustrated when it came to the ropes because I could not find them anywhere.  I had to order some online.

Check out my video below!

Check out the recipe card below for what you will need and text instructions

I had to remove the recipe card because the recipe card plugin stopped working correctly.

So here are the full instructions below:

What you need

1 Box Cake
1-2 Sandwich Cookies
2 Cans/Jar White Icing
1 Small Tube Black Icing
3 Hershey Kiss Candies
Sliver Candy Sprinkles
Black Licorice Rope Candy
Food Coloring (If Needed) Yellow, Blue, and Black

Other Items:

Cookie Sheet
Cake Serving Platter
Baking Parchment Paper (or wax paper)


Make your cake like you normally would by following directions on cake mix box. Once cake is done, let cool for about an hour before removing it from pan. Once cooled, remove from pan and place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or wax paper. Cut and round off all four corners of the cake.

Thinly using a small amount of icing, cover the cake as a “crumb layer” then put in refrigerator for about a half hour so that the icing hardens. This keeps the crumbs stuck to the cake and they won’t cause a problem while decorating your cake so you don’t have crumbs throughout your fabulous work.


Cover the cake with yellow icing. Use a full can/jar. Put back into refrigerator so the yellow icing hardens. This prevents the yellow and blue icing from mixing when doing the next part.
With the can/jar of icing you used for the crumb layer, you should have at least half of it left. Save a few tablespoons of white icing from that. Make blue icing with the remaining amount. Draw a line across the cake (slightly curved) with a butter knife about a quarter of the way up from the bottom. Then with the blue icing, cover this area (including the sides) making the overalls.


Add a Hershey Kiss pointed end down on both sides on top for buttons. With a small amount of white icing that was saved, put a thick layer of icing on the top of the sandwich cookie. If you are making one with two eyes, do this with two of them. You don’t have to worry about the sides of the cookie. Place on the cake. With the remaining white icing that may be left, use black food coloring to make a gray color. Pipe around the eye for the goggle. Place another Hershey Kiss pointed down in the white part of the eye.


Carefully sprinkle silver candy sprinkles around the “goggle”. Use the small tube of black icing to create the goggle straps from the gray goggle, moving across and going all the way down the side of the cake on both sides. Make the strap about a half inch to an inch wide.

Cut pieces of the black licorice ropes in about 2 inch pieces. Stick in the top of the cake for hair. Use as many as you like. Use another piece to shape into a smile and place on the cake. You can also use it to outline the goggle straps and overalls if you like.

When finished, place in refrigerator and let harden for a while. Then you can carefully remove the paper away from the cake and place on your platter.


Tip: Line your cake pan with baking parchment paper. When the cake is cool, you can just lift it out and when you flip it over on your cookie sheet, you can peel the non-stick paper away from the cake. That way there’s no worries about your cake getting stuck or sticking to the pan.

Enjoy!  If you like it, pin it!

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