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KD Novelties Personalized Children’s Books – “Elmo Bye Bye Diapers” Book Review #ad


I recently received and opportunity to review a personalized children’s book from KD Novelties.  I had the opportunity to go to visit their site and choose the book I wished to review free.  Since I was given the opportunity, I was also able to see how easy it was to navigate their site, adding my personalizations and going through the ordering process.  Navigating their site is super easy and they have a pretty great selection of books and gifts.  Once you choose what you want, you can enter your personalizations which can include child’s name, age, hometown, and even include the names of friends or relatives.  You can also add your own personal message or dedication.  Once you are done, you can check out easy peasy.  They do a really great job everything goes fast and smooth.  Now on to my book selection.


Since our son decided to give potty training another go, I thought “Elmo Bye Bye Diapers” would be an excellent pick.  After the first couple days of having accidents, I was hoping he would stick with it and continue without any frustrations.  Our book arrived shortly after.  I figured the book with all our personalizations including his own name making him somewhat of the star of the book will help encourage him.  I was right.  KD Novelties has a child’s self esteem in their thoughts.  I think personalized books help promote that so I love that they do.  This book gives him the “I can do anything” attitude and I like it because he’s one of those kids that like to give up easily.

Now, I’m not going to say that it was solely the book that got him through potty training.  It was partly that he was finally actually ready (he was two when we first tried and it was a complete no-go).  He’s 3 1/2 now.  I do feel the book helped us to keep him encouraged after accidents and especially at night time.  Three weeks and he was completely trained during the day and only took about a week without accidents overnight!


I love being able to create your own custom message/dedication.  This is located on the title page.  In this book, my son’s name is actually part of the title.  “{Child’s Name} And Elmo Say Bye Bye Diapers”.  And you can also use first, middle and last name if you like.  And then you will see your message below it.  Ours says “To Ethan, You’re such a big boy, You can do it!  Love Mommy and Daddy”.  So we left our own little words of encouragement too.  I think it’s the cutest thing how this book starts.  It’s like the story is actually talking to him specifically.  “Ethan, age 3, from {our town and state} wears diapers.  Mommy, Daddy and Mamaw knew that Elmo and the Sesame Street friends could help him learn all about using the potty!”  Mommy, Daddy and Mamaw were also personalized to add in there.  Then it goes on about how he used to do this or that, how he was fed, etc. when he was a baby and that Elmo did too and that Elmo also wore diapers.  I love that because it’s like telling him that he’s not the only one.

And the book goes on about how they can do other things since they are now older and names off a few things.  And now that they are older, they can learn to use the potty.  “Mommy, Daddy and Mamaw are so happy that you’re starting to learn how to use the potty.”  Then the story goes into about how to tell when it’s time to go and to let a grownup know.  Another encouraging part about it that it goes on to say that sometimes you are playing and you don’t think about it or forget to go and have an accident.  And that Elmo has had accidents too but that it was okay because he will learn.  Then part of the story is about toilet paper, flushing and washing hands and of course the end is about how proud everyone is.

We really liked the story and our son did too.  We read it a couple times a day and for a couple weeks, all we heard was “Elmo can do it, so can I!”  It even brought him to get one of his Elmo’s that he has that he hasn’t played with for a long time out of the toy box!

I love the selection KD Novelties has and I love the personalizations in their storybooks.  Just like they believe, I also believe that they are a great way to get kids to want to listen to or read a book and promotes literacy in children in a unique kind of way.  I also believe that they can aid in self esteem – we have seen it a little during potty training.  I think they are great and gets 2 thumbs up from me!

Buy It:  Visit KD Novelties website and order your personalized “Elmo Bye Bye Diapers” for $12.95.  Be sure to check out the rest of their selection!

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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I received a free personalized book from KD Novelties for my blog post/review.  Any thoughts or opinions expressed in my post are completely 100% my own honest opinions.

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