#Free Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant ($10 value!) Free Shipping


Get a Free Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant!  Click “get it free” or “try it free” (can’t remember exactly what it says) and it will take you to the next part where you will answer 3 questions.  Answer the first one and you should see a blue next button.  Click to go to next question.  Once you have answered the three questions, it will tell you if you were matched with the solid or the gel.  You can still choose either one.  One per household.


Click your choice and then it will take you to the mailing info form.  No CC required.  The product is free and so is the shipping.  Then submit your order.  After your order processes, you will receive a “thank you” screen and will also receive a confirmation email.


Just a warning, it may be slow going but I will say when I finally was able to get through, it went a lot more smoothly than it did earlier today.  You may have to refresh a couple times to get the page to load.  Once it is loaded though and I got to the questions, I just hit the back button instead of refreshing.  It seemed to work better that way instead of trying to get it to completely reload the page again.  When it came to choosing which one I wanted right after the questions, it got stuck.  I hit the “stop” button and then clicked again and it went right through.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I like to share offers/samples that I sign up for myself.  I always check them out first and only post offers/samples that are legit or appear to be legit to the best of my ability.  I cannot guarantee them as they do not come from me.  Sign up at your own responsibility.

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