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Truvia Natural Sweetener Review #SweetSwitch #Crowdtap #ad


I recently received an opportunity to try Truvia natural sweetener through Crowdtap.  Was sent a sampling pack that included two sample pack with 2 samples packets in each one.  I love trying natural products and being that I have been trying to cut sugar out as much as possible, I couldn’t wait to try Truvia.

Truvia Natural Sweetener is made from the leaves of a stevia plant.  It’s a natural sweetener with zero calories so that’s even a bigger bonus!  I love the taste of it.  I used one of the sample packets myself to see if I liked it before I decided to buy some.  The other 3 packets I gave away.  I thought it tasted great, mixed or dissolved rather easily too.  One thing I can’t stand when using sweeteners are little grains left over that didn’t dissolve.  No aftertaste either!

My mom stopped by last week and I tricked her.  Yep, the mean daughter I am.  She uses sugar in her coffee so while I was making her a cup of coffee, I used Truvia instead of sugar.  I let her drink her whole cup before I asked her if her coffee tasted different.  She said, “No, did you do something with it?”  Like I spiked it or something.  I said, “I didn’t spike it but instead of using sugar, I used Truvia Sweetener instead.  So she never noticed and her coffee tasted great! 

So then I told her about Truvia and she actually went out and bought some instead of using sugar!  My sample packets came with some coupons too so she used one of them.  I told some other friends and family about it too – I’m definitely not keeping Truvia a secret!

I love it and recommend it!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I received samples through Crowdtap to try and share my opinions.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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