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{Holiday Gift Guide} Radio Flyer Ziggle Review w/Video @RadioFlyer #ZigglePlay


Not too long ago I was selected to join the Radio Flyer Ziggle Chatterbox through Houseparty.  I received a free Chat Pack that included a Radio Flyer Ziggle for our use and for me to become a chatterbox and tell everyone about it.  My boys love it!


The morning it arrived, our 4 year old was so excited.  He knew what day it was supposed to come so he kept watching out the window.  When it arrived we of course had to put it together immediately!  Yes, there is some assembly but I will tell you it does not take long to put together.  You only need one tool (a wrench for the seat) but that’s it.  The parts were packed really well to prevent scratching which I found to be awesome.  That ended up being the longest part, unwrapping all the parts.  The caster wheels are already assembled so you don’t have to worry about wheels which is good for me because I normally despise having to put wheels on anything.  The longest part for me was finding the right size wrench to use since hubby never puts his tools away.  Instead of trying to explain the whole assembly, I added that to my video below if you want to check it out.  I will tell you that this was the easiest thing I have ever put together and had it together within 5 or 10 minutes!


The age recommendations are 3-8 years old.  What I love about the Ziggle is that there are no pedals and it is completely kid powered.  It can spin 360 degrees and my boys thing it’s the “funnest thing ever”.  They put their feet up on the no-slip feet rests and with their legs and handle bars, they wiggle and it goes.  The more you wiggle the more speed you can pick up and the longer you hold the turn, the further you turn.  They can turn and continue to go in the other direction.  You most likely want to make sure that they are riding on a flat surface free of as many rocks and pebbles.  Where my kids ride, there is an area where there are pebbles but the other half is free of them.  If there happens to be one pebble or two, it doesn’t stop the Ziggle.  Check out my video below and you can see the assembly and also see the Ziggle in action!

The other thing that I love about the Ziggle is that the rider has control.  I wanted to get my older son in the video but he was at school and the few chances he got to ride (due to weather and school he was limited) I didn’t think about getting video.  He’s 7 and can gain enough speed and make the Ziggle do a 360 and continue to ride all in one stride.  In the video, you can see that my 4 year old is not quite at that skill level yet but he can make simple turns and continue in the other direction.

I think it’s a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it!  I am debating on getting another one for Christmas.  Our oldest son will be turning 8 soon so if I did, he probably wouldn’t have very long with it which is why I am debating.  But either way, I think this is a great addition to those Christmas lists which is why I am including it in my Holiday Gift Guide!


Buy it!  You can buy the Radio Flyer Ziggle at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us.  Average price around $50 but I did see online that Walmart had it for $47.97 right now.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I received a free “chat pack” through Houseparty from Radio Flyer that included a Radio Flyer Ziggle.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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