Walmart Prices “Deals” Being Posted on 11/6/13 and Why I Am Not Posting Them


So this morning when I got up to start my day, I came across some deals from Walmart that was being posted all over the place.  At first I only saw a couple different items and thought “This is really cool, I might be able to get a couple things today for some unbelievable prices!”  That’s just it.  They were really unbelievable.  I mean come on, people really think they are going to buy a $400 Power Wheels Car for less than $30?  Or a one person boat regularly $300 to $700 for only $11?

There was one item (the first item that I came across) was the Disney Infinity Xbox360 game.  Marked down from around $70 to $18 something.  I thought maybe it was a really price/deal so I went to check it out.  I changed my mind really quickly when I kept coming across all these unbelievable “deals” and when I saw a stuffed teddy bear marked as $369.99, I thought I better see what I could find out.

I checked Walmart’s facebook page because I kept hearing about Walamrt’s site getting hacked this morning.  They never announced anything on their wall but if you click on the little box that says “highlights” and click on “posts by others” you can see other people’s posts asking questions about the site and I saw some of Walmart’s replies.  They are aware of the issues and have been working on getting their site fixed.  They have been aware for quite some time.  Below are some screenshots of what I saw.



It still doesn’t say they were hacked anywhere but they do acknowledge the glitch as they called it.  I know someone who called and was told that they were but I called myself.  I was told that they were NOT hacked but they were having some issues and all or most online prices were completely wrong.  I was also told that they were aware of the issues and that they were working on it.  I was also told that they were informed that they were to stop selling the Disney Infinity game at that price when I asked about it because I have been wanting to buy that game.

Since I post deals on my blog sometimes I asked about orders that were made and if they were going to be honored.  I was informed that orders that were made BEFORE they were aware of the problem will be honored.  All orders that were made AFTER they were aware will not be and will be cancelled.  She did tell me that some site to store orders will be honored if they slipped through.  Meaning that if anyone happened to receive their site to store confirmation email, they will have theirs honored.  But if you made those kind of orders after they were aware, you probably won’t get a confirmation email to go pick it up.

That was what I was told by the person I talked to at my Walmart store.  I am posting this because as I said before, I like to post deals here.  I also want to make sure that I am only posting legit deals or real deals.  There have been times that I have come across something that had a really low unbelievable price and it could have been a store mistake and those orders were still honored until they figured it out that it was priced wrong.  You sometimes can’t tell if it’s a mistake if we are talking about a single item.  But when I saw everything on Walmart’s site was wrong, I knew something had to be up and started trying to find more information about it rather than posting a bunch of deals.  I could have had a heyday posting them but I don’t want to waste my readers’ time by trying to buy something that most likely won’t be honored.  Besides that, I thought taking advantage is morally wrong.  As a blogger, I strive to be ethical and honest.

If you shop online, most stores have an online policy and they do not have to honor orders if there is a problem with the website.  If you made an order at today, make sure you call your store or you can call  1 800 walmart (925-6278) if you are concerned about what is going on whether it’s CC information or refund questions because I have a feeling most of these orders will be cancelled.  As of right now, you probably won’t be able to load Walmart’s website.  You may get an error or a “down for maintenance” message.  Although some people may still be able to access it because I still see others posting about these “deals”.

Final note:  I really don’t believe their website was hacked.  A store person told someone I know they were but I was told that they were NOT by someone at the store.  I have not seen anywhere where they have actually said the site was hacked but that there is a glitch and that all prices were/are wrong.

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