FREE Taste of Nature Healthy Snack Bar from SplashScore


FREE Taste of Nature Healthy Snack Bar

If you are signed up at SplashScore, you can get a free Taste of Nature Healthy Snack Bar. 

You must have a score of 100 or more.

If you don’t know what SplashScore is, it takes a score of your interactions on facebook.

You can be offered rewards such as free samples depending on your score.

If you have 100 points, click on the rewards tab and then click on the Taste of Nature reward.

Follow the simple instructions on how to claim your sample.  You may also have another reward available to enter for a chance to win a full box.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I will be receiving a free sample from SplashScore/mentioned brand through SplashScore.

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