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Pyramid Pan – Fat Reducing Silicone Cooking Mat Review & Blog #Giveaway #ad

Pyramid Pan chicken on mat

I am always looking for ways that I can reduce the amount of fat when cooking.  I love products that help with that which was why I was really excited when I was contacted and asked if I would like to review the Pyramid Pan.  I was sent a free product for my use and review. 

Pyramid Pan drains fat

If you have never heard of the Pyramid Pan before, it is a silicone mat that fits on your baking sheet.  The whole top of it is molded with little pyramids.  The points of the pyramids is that so your food sits on top of the pyramids while fat is kept away from food and settles in the grooves of the mat so that your food isn’t sitting in it and continues to cook while sitting in that excess fat.


The Pyramid Pan is one of those “As Seen on TV” products and I was very pleased with it.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me tell you more about it.  First of all, it is really flexible.  It comes rolled up and not only does the design help with fat reducing cooking, the design also makes it easy to store.  You can store it rolled up and it actually sticks to itself because the pyramid shapes fit inside the molding underneath to keep it from unrolling.  The one that I received was a large which is 16.26 x 11.5 inches.  Which is really awesome because I have a baking sheet close enough to that size.  If you don’t, the silicone mat can be cut so it can be used in a smaller baking pan/sheet.  Which is also nice because if you have more than one smaller ones, you may only need one large one to use on two different baking sheets. 

You can use the Pyramid Pan in the oven and in the microwave.  I didn’t try microwave cooking with it though but my chicken in the oven came out really, really good!  It is also non-stick and I can say that the claim is true.  It is very non-stick.  After dinner when I was cleaning up the dishes, I ran my Pyramid Pan under hot water.  I didn’t use soap or anything, just hot water and everything rinsed off really well.  It is dish washer safe and I wanted to rinse it before I put it in the washer.  Cleaned up really well!  The silicone mat can heat up to 428 degrees.


Using the Pyramid Pan is easy.  Just place it inside or on your baking pan/sheet and place your food on top.  The first thing that I baked using it was chicken.  I use a breading on my chicken before I placed all the pieces on my pan.  The chicken sat on top of all the pyramids without any issues.  Because the chicken sits on top of the pyramids, air was able to go underneath cooking it more evenly.  It did come out a bit more crispy when it was done and of course it helped that it wasn’t sitting in fat getting soggy.  I did flip it halfway through.  When I took it off the pan when it was finished, there wasn’t any spots on it that had soggy spots.

My chicken was so juicy too!  Because of how well it cooked and how evenly it cooked, the chicken remained juicy.  It was seriously the best chicken I have baked in a long time.  The breading and skin the perfect amount of crispiness was fabulous!  You can bake just about anything on it.  We cooked bacon in the oven this way too.  Onion rings, french fries, sausage, fish – anything fatty you bake!  You can also use it to sit a hot pan on instead of your counter and other uses as well.  It came in handy as a gripper when I couldn’t open a jar of pickles and hubby wasn’t around to rescue me from the fight.  I love the Pyramid Pan and I intend on using it every chance I get!

Buy It:  Pyramid Pan (ARV $20) can be found at stores such as Meijer, Bed Bath and Beyond, Rite Aid, Kroger, Fred Meyers, CVS, and in February 2014 you can find them at Sears and Kmart just to name a few.  They do have a double offer that is not available in stores on their site for the same price as one.  Check it out here —> Pyramid Pan double offer.

3D_Pyramid Pan Pkg US white backgnd (2)

Thanks to the good people of Pyramid Pan, one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win one for themselves!


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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I was sent product(s) free mentioned in my post free for my use and review.  Giveaway prize will also be provided to the winner of this giveaway from sponsor.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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20 thoughts on “Pyramid Pan – Fat Reducing Silicone Cooking Mat Review & Blog #Giveaway #ad

  1. I have used mats somewhat similar for baking cookies and they are the best. I like that this one has the ridges that allow heat to circulate and catch the excess! The first thing I would want to try would be some fried chicken.

  2. I like that the food is not sitting in a puddle of grease. That would be good for french fries that are sometimes too greasy when baked in the oven because the are bathing in their own grease.

  3. I love that the fat drips away from my meat. I would make a lot of chicken dishes that would be healthier for me.

  4. I love that the mat allows air to circulate, I would bake my grandsons favorite; chicken tenders.

  5. Would also like to try breaded chicken, when I bake it the bottom is always soggy and sticks.

  6. I love that it drips away fat and grease! I would bake chicken on the mat just like you suggested

  7. I like that it allows air to circulate and you don’t have to be constantly turning the food over. I cook a lot of chicken so I would love to cook some chicken on this.

  8. I was watching “how it’s made” on tv a few weeks ago, and one company that fries and sells chicken said that they use a product similar to this to keep their fried chicken from sitting in a puddle of grease. It keeps the chicken crispier and less fat in the food. Win win!

  9. i love that its fat reducing! I would cook lots of frozen food on it when i feel like eating the tasty crappy unhealthy food!

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